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    Qatar’s first zero-gravity flight experience postponed to next year


    Photo for illustrative purposes only.
    Photo for illustrative purposes only.

    A traveling space-focused project that is offering people around the world a chance to experience weightlessness aboard an airplane has postponed next’s month trip to Doha.

    According to Swiss Space Systems (S3) ZeroG’s website, the zero gravity flights will now be offered in Qatar sometime in the first half of 2016, instead of in April.

    The company did not respond to questions about why the trip was postponed, but indicated that all Middle East flights, including to Bahrain and the UAE, were being moved to next year.

    Registration for the flights first opened last August.

    Pricey adventure

    During the two-hour trip on an Airbus, passengers experience what it feels like to float freely in space, through some 15 maneuvers that remove gravity’s pull for 20 to 25 seconds each time.

    While the idea drummed up excitement in Doha, the price tag did not. The cheapest seat, in the “Party Zone at the back of the plane, costs 2,000 Euros (nearly QR10,000) per person.

    The next available tier is the premium zone, which is 5,000 Euros/person (some QR24,000). Here, passengers have more space onboard and can partake in activities such as playing with liquids and balloons while flying.

    And the final tier is the VIP Room, which is 50,000 Euros/person (nearly QR244,000). This top end option allows passengers to board the flight with several tailor-made experiences that the company has not specified on its website.

    Those who wish to experience the weightless flight can apply online, where medical and administrative documents must be filled out.

    For safety reasons, no passengers under eight years old will be permitted to fly, and those between the ages of 8 and 14 years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.


    Shabina S. Khatri
    Shabina S. Khatri is the editor of Doha News. She holds dual bachelor's degrees in Business Administration and Spanish from the University of Michigan, a Masters of Science in Journalism from Northwestern University, has previously taught at NU-Q, and worked for the Wall Street Journal and the Detroit Free Press.



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