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Monday, August 2, 2021
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  • Foreign interference? Mysterious Shura election hashtag 'trends' on Twitter
  • Al Jazeera exposes 'political strategy' behind Emirati-funded film The Misfits
  • New variants more severe but vaccines ‘provide way out’ of pandemic: Al Khal
  • Qatar sends second batch of aid to Lebanon
  • SPORTS: 'Essence of sportsmanship': World reacts to Tamberi-Barshim 2020 Olympics win
  • COVID19: 151 new cases, 117 recoveries, 0 new deaths
  • COVID19: 17,922 people tested, 1,940 active cases
  • COVID19: 601 total deaths since the start of the pandemic
  • COVID19: 3,804,298 vaccines administered

Confused about Qatar’s travel rules? This interactive guide eases your journey

The interactive guide allows travellers to be informed on all country specific restrictions and requirements needed to return to Qatar.  Qatar's Government Communications Office (GCO)...

Staying in Qatar? Here are some fun activities for your summer vacation

Here are a few fun things you can do to enjoy a memorable Eid holiday with family and friends. Now it's midsummer in Qatar and...

The best true crime documentary films and series to watch on Netflix

Can't find anything to watch on TV? These Netflix films and shows will have you thinking you can solve a crime.  Admit it. We've all...

Looking for a modest swimsuit this summer? We’ve got you covered

With these modest and fashionable burkini options, you can finally enjoy a relaxing beach trip with comfortable swimwear - in style! Modest swimwear brands are...

MIA’s first Palestine exhibition explores historical heritage

The "Beautiful Memories of Palestine" exhibition will run at MIA library until 30 September. Palestinian embroidery, old travel guides to Jerusalem and rare books showcasing...

Want to spread joy this Eid? Here’s where you can donate to help those in need

The much-awaited Islamic festival is a time of mass prayers, grand feasts, and, most importantly, sharing joy with those in need.  As many of us...

Blinkist review: Is the future of reading books.. not reading books?

With the growing popularity of ebooks, apps like Blinkist have made reading much easier, but could it come at a cost? Over the past few...

Yes, an unhealthy obsession with health is a recognised medical condition

In some severe cases, orthorexia can also be fatal. Nowadays, there is a growing hype and culture around “clean eating”. Superfoods have become particularly “trendy”...

Qatar extends Phase 3 Covid-19 restrictions for extra month

Health authorities have extended Phase 3. Restrictions imposed as part of Qatar's Phase 3 will remain in place for the entirety of August, the Ministry...

Qatar’s daily Covid-19 cases cross 200 for first time in weeks

The slight increase in numbers comes after a week of Eid festivities. More than 200 Covid-19 cases have been reported over the past 24 hours,...

Got a cattitude? This app can tell what mood your feline friend is in

The app, developed by a Canada-based animal health tech company, uses phone cameras to tell how your cat is feeling. Ever wondered how your furry...

Qatar to get hands on ‘breakthrough’ AI breast cancer detection solution

The artificial intelligence solution will improve the experience of the patient and the breast cancer detection process. A new deep learning artificial intelligence (AI) solution...


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