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What to know before moving to Qatar



In my latest column for Telegraph Expat, I try to put myself in the shoes of the thousands of expats due to arrive in Doha in the coming weeks and months.

Remembering my own arrival four years ago to a country I’d never visited before and couldn’t even place on a map, I’ve tried to sum up the sort of questions I had back then – and attempted some responses. For example:

To answer the two most commonly posed questions first: yes, I can drive, and no, I don’t have to wear an abaya (the full length black gown usually worn by Qatari women). I do however have to dress modestly, which, according to a grassroots campaign recently adopted by the Qatari Tourism Authority, means covering my shoulders, cleavage, midriff and knees…

I’ve also tackled visas, education, healthcare, driving, exit permits, women’s rights, accommodation costs and the general cost of living, and the availability of alcohol and pork

I couldn’t squeeze in everything, and suggestions of the many things I missed are already coming in.

What would you add to the list? Whether you’re an expat or a local, what do you think people should know before moving to Qatar?

Credit: Photo by Teilhard Scott

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