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13,000 Bangladeshi workers stuck abroad ‘struggling to make ends meet’


With no jobs and no answers, thousands of workers are in limbo.

At least 13,000 workers from Bangladesh are allegedly struggling to re-enter Qatar, demanding action from the government to ensure their return to their workplace, according to a report by The Business Standard [TBS], a Bangladeshi news platform.

TBS stated that the workers cannot go back to their workplaces mainly due to the expiration of their Residency Permit [RP] as well as contentious entry policies that were imposed since the coronavirus pandemic struck Qatar.

“Under the circumstances, the migrant workers in the Middle Eastern country demand that the government take pragmatic steps to ensure their return to workplaces,” the TBS report said.

The Bangladesh-based outlet interviewed several workers stuck abroad, one of whom suggested an employer applied three times for his re-entry permit before it was rejected.

Because of this, he is now unable to enter the country and is on the verge of losing his job.

Similarly, workers across the board are struggling to make ends meet and have been forced into borrowing money and seeking loans.

“I find it quite difficult to make ends meet. Now, I want to return to Qatar through an Exceptional Entry Permit,” said Abdul Mannan, who worked at a restaurant in Qatar.   

According to TBS, Qatar’s Minister of Administrative Development, Labour & Social Affairs Yousuf Mohamed Al Othman said authorities would issue an “Exceptional Entry Permit” for Bangladeshi expats stuck abroad. However, no steps have yet been taken.

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During a meeting held in October between the Qatari Minister and Bangladesh’s Ambassador to Qatar Md Jashim Uddin,the Bengali official provided a list of migrant workers that were awaiting re-entry.

After no progress was made, TBS reported that at least 500 expats formed a human chain to demand a government response to their plight.

“We have been demanding an Entry Permit for the last three months, but our demand falls on deaf ears,” the migrant workers told TBS. “We seek Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s intervention to expedite diplomatic efforts with the government of Qatar to extend our iqama (residency permit) limit.” 

EEP complaints

While Qatar has outperformed other countries in its coronavirus management measures, complaints have been raised over the contentious Exceptional Entry Permit (EEP), which many have blamed for their inability to return to their homes and jobs.

This has forced many to lose their jobs while also facing separation from their families, including parents who are unable to see their children.

In August, it was estimated that more than 250,000 residents were abroad and waiting to come back to Qatar, and while some have returned, many have yet to hear back from authorities.

Doha News has previously reached out for a statement from the government regarding the EEP, but got no response.

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Marjana Ramiza
Marjana Ramiza
10 months ago

I hope qatar government give permit all Bangladeshi people immediately.because of our country all people very very hard worker also poor man.plz help me my Allah or king tamim

Rigan Kajol
Rigan Kajol
10 months ago

Thanks a lot #Doha_news. We are waiting for long time without job and we don’t have any earning source for living. We are living a very difficult life in such a situation. Qatar is our second home country, We love to come back to our second home country Qatar. we are requested to our Honorable qatar government, to make way more easier for EEP. Where we can enter qatar easily.

Mohammed nurul amin babul
Mohammed nurul amin babul
10 months ago

Thanks Doha news..?
We request to Qatar Govt please approve our entry permit.. We r waiting from August 1st.. Still waiting and counting.. More than 100days we r waiting for entry permit.. Please ? approve.
I have 3 application right now all r under process.. Lot of times send email to hukoomi but no result?
Love u Qatar ??????❤️❤️❤️??????

Mohammed nurul amin babul
Mohammed nurul amin babul
10 months ago

Not only Bangladeshi, The People from all over the World struggling To Get Exceptional Entry Permit, Even I have Valid QID But Unfortunately i am Stocked here In Indian for EEP. I came Bangladesh 02 December 2019 and Have Return Ticket to Go Back but Before Day everything Closed for Covid Pandamic.. Please Help Us And Help Humanity and Allow uss To Back Our Second Home Qatar, And Join our Job.
Always Love Qatar.. ??❤️??

Md Muhibur Rahman
Md Muhibur Rahman
10 months ago

a lot of thanks to Doha News for published news about this.we are facing too much trouble for this.?

Qatar is our second home country where we love to back our home.

Our Honourable Qatar Government, Kindly look on the resident those are out of Qatar. Make the way more easier for entry permit to return back this loving country. ??

love from Bangladesh ❤❤

Md Muhibur Rahman
Md Muhibur Rahman
10 months ago

a lot of thanks to Doha News for published news about this.we are facing too much trouble for this.?

Qatar is our second home country where we love to back our home.

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