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40 women submit nominations for Qatar’s Shura Council elections


An interview with a member of the Election Supervisory Committee confirmed that a considerable number of women had submitted their nominations.

At least 40 women have submitted applications to register as candidates for the Shura Council elections, according to top officials.

The preliminary list for registered candidates is set to be revealed on Monday, with the Ministry of Interior announcing it will be accepting grievances and objections following the publication of the list from Tuesday up until September 2.

In a Qatar TV interview, members of the Election Supervisory Committee shared that a considerable number of Qatari candidates, including 40 Qatari women, have submitted their nominations for the elections.

The officials also confirmed that the total number of applicants registered for media services exceeded 200, noting a high demand from candidates for media services, of which Qatar Media Corporation is providing.

The final list of candidates is set to be announced on September 15, according to Director of Planning and Quality at the Ministry of Interior and Member of the Election Supervisory Committee Brigadier Majid Abdulrahman al-Sulaiti.

During the interview, al-Sulaiti, alongside Member of the Legal Committee of the Supervisory Committee for the Shura Council Elections Captain Ibrahim Ali Al Mohannadi, stressed the rules needed to be adhered to by the electoral candidates.

Foreign funding for election campaigns is prohibited and will be met with severe consequences.

“There will be no exemptions to the campaign spending limit of QAR 2 million,” said al-Sulaiti. Candidates must open a special bank account for all electoral campaign spending and determine the funding sources that will be utilised.

Qatar unveils date for historic Shura Council election

“Every candidate must open a bank account in one of the national banks (Qatar National Bank) 24 hours before start of his electoral campaign. A candidate is not allowed to spend money outside this account on election campaign,” said al Mohannadi.

Funding sources may be either a candidate’s personal money or donations received by the candidate from Qatari citizens that should not exceed QAR 700,000.

Candidates are also not allowed to hold gatherings at Majlises or tents. Alternatives have been provided by the supervisory committee and Qatar Media Corporations.

“Candidates have the right to visit the voting centres on the voting day to ensure that the ballot boxes are empty and subsequently sealed. The candidate can delegate one or two of representatives from the constituency to monitor these voting procedures,” said al-Sulaiti.

Who can be nominated?

Candidates must be originally Qatari and aged 30 and above by the closing date of the nomination. They must also be fluent in reading and writing in Arabic.

If the first requirements are met, nominees can be registered in their electoral district and must then continue to maintain good reputation and conduct while keeping their criminal record clean.

Those who hold ministerial and military positions – state, judicial bodies, ministers of state, Central Municipal Council – cannot nominate themselves.

Candidates working at ministries or other government entities whose names are included in the final lists of candidates are given unpaid leave throughout the elections if they do not have a sufficient leave balance.

Candidates have the freedom to withdraw their nomination seven days ahead of the election day by submitting a form to the committee.

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