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Monday, October 25, 2021

A welcome message and a promise


by Mariam Versyani

Hello and welcome back to Qatar’s premier independent English language news and information site. As we relaunch Doha News we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to our most valuable and most valued asset — our audience.

Ever since Doha News was shut down and then subsequently bought out, the huge vacuum left in its place was never filled; citizens, residents and visitors of Qatar, as well as those interested in the country’s news, have since been deprived of high quality, independent journalism to keep them up to date and informed. That vacuum has arguably never been so evident as it has during recent weeks with the outbreak of Covid-19 and all its subsequent consequences.

A couple of months ago, our new owner recognised the huge opportunity that exists in filling this vacuum and raised the funds needed to purchase Doha News from the company that had initially brought it from those who owned the website at the time it was censored.

Since then we have spared no effort in ensuring that the Doha News operation meets all legal requirements and standards as stipulated by Qatari law. We do not want any excuses to have our journalism hampered or our voice stifled.

We may be a different team from those who launched Doha News in 2009, but we share the same belief and passion for a free press. We wholeheartedly subscribe to the mission of producing independent, unbiased, quality journalism for our audience.

As our financial resources are limited, we will be rebuilding and expanding the Doha News brand gradually. In time, we aim to reintroduce events such as the popular Doha News Tweetups where our audience will have the chance to meet us and in turn, we’ll get the opportunity to connect further with you all. We plan on expanding our news coverage to report on sports, business and lifestyle, and as you will see, our website will start having an increased selection of tabs and icons for those wanting news and information on a wide range of topics. But our primary objective will always be to bring you the news that matters, first!

Our promise to you, our audience, the Doha News family, is to bring back the brand that so many people trusted and believed in. To enrich our community and connect all of its diverse and cosmopolitan components; to always ask the questions that others won’t.

We look forward to our journey together.

The Doha News Team

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