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Abducted Qatari businessman reveals shocking Turkey ordeal


New details have emerged concerning the kidnapping of a Qatari businessman by Turkish gang members on February 1.

A Qatari business man who was abducted by gang members in Turkey has taken to social media to share his ordeal.

The man, identified as Khaled bin Jaber, said he was threatened with his life by a gang of at least 9 people, according to a video shared on social media. He was abducted, along with his friend, in Turkey’s southern Hatay province before being taken to Adana.

Bin Jaber said he was threatened with a blackmail operation by the gang who demanded he pay a hefty ransom.

“They said if i didn’t pay that they would chop me up and throw me into the river. My biggest mistake was that I didn’t complain to the police,” he said in the Snapchat clip.

When he showed no reaction, three members of the gang abducted him and forced him into an apartment, where they planned to photograph him inappropriately with a woman.

“Three men came in with a woman, they put her in the bedroom for a video, because they wanted money,” he added.

A Russia Today report explained he was threatened with a potential fabricated “inappropriate” video in a bid to force him into paying the ransom.

“What has happened to me, maybe has happened to other Qataris or other Khaleejis in Turkey, yet people may have been scared to speak up about it,” he said
“This is wrong, you should speak up about it so that others may take caution,” he added.

According to local Turkish outlet Haber Turk, the gang had reportedly received half of the $400,000 ransom amount and gave the hostage’s family five days to pay the remainder or risk him being sent to Syria.

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Shortly after, the Iskenderun District Police Department raided at least 9 addresses before locating the Turkish gang in a raid that was documented in a video clip shared online.

At least four of the kidnappers are still on the run. The police department confirmed efforts to arrest the remainder are ongoing.

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