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Al Qaradawi debunks rumors that he is being deported from Qatar


Yusuf Al Qaradawi

Days after Qatar and its fellow Gulf Cooperation Council members agreed to a security pact to smooth over simmering regional tensions, rumors persist about what exactly Doha has pledged to do to calm its neighbors.

One rumor – that Qatar promised to deport Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters – was debunked last night by prominent Islamic scholar Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi, who called the idea that he had been asked to leave “totally baseless.”

Responding to reports that the Egyptian-born Qatari cleric had been sent to Tunisia or Yemen, Al Qaradawi said on his official Twitter and Facebook accounts that he has spent over 53 years in Qatar preaching, calling and writing about Islam “without anyone telling me before what to say, what not to say or why are you saying that.”

Translation: Rumors about me relocating and moving to Tunisia or any other country are nothing but baseless slurs on me. They are the hopes of the dreamers, and they will not come true, God willing.

He added in his statement that his “personal position does not reflect the position of the Qatari government.”


Diplomatic tension between Qatar and some of its Gulf neighbors rose last month after Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain recalled their ambassadors from Doha, citing a failure to adhere to a unified GCC policy “to ensure non-interference, directly or indirectly, in the internal affairs of any member state.”

The move came weeks after Abu Dhabi summoned Qatar’s ambassador to the UAE to account for a broadcast sermon made by Al Qaradawi that criticized Gulf support for the new Egyptian government.

The military-backed regime ousted President Mohamed Morsi last summer, who was part of the Muslim Brotherhood party.

Many Gulf governments see the Islamist party as a threat to their countries’ stability, and Saudi Arabia designated the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization last month.

Today, Al Qaradawi said in his statement that he “loves all the countries of the Gulf, and they all love me: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Bahrain.”

“I consider them one country and one house,” he added.

Egypt weighs in

In the wake of last month’s ambassadors’ recall, Egypt also said it would not send its envoy back to Doha until Qatar stands against “the grave challenges it is facing.”

Today, Egypt’s State Information Service quoted a spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry as saying its ambassador would not return to Qatar until the country “keeps its promises” and implements last week’s agreement.

The spokesperson specified that agreement involved “handing over outlaws, stopping spreading rumors and information that incite hatred and violence via Al Jazeera TV channel and putting an end to interference in Egypt’s domestic affairs.”

The Qatar-funded Al Jazeera is seen by many critics as biased in favor of the Brotherhood, claims that the channel denies. The network has not made any public statements about its coverage following the Gulf agreement.



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7 years ago

I hope the dangerous old deluded fool is deported…..he supports wife beating, female circumcision and the lash for homosexuals. Good riddance to this irrelevant, pre-medieval relic.

Michael Fryer
Michael Fryer
7 years ago
Reply to  Anon

Is this the same Qaradawi who years ago called for someone we all know to be stoned to death?

7 years ago

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the biggest fool of all? Is it the girl who can’t stop crying, or maybe the girl who kept on trying? – Anonymous

7 years ago
Reply to  Saajidh


7 years ago

Let’s hope they deport this most disagreeable man back to Egypt and let them deal with him. After all this is the man that supports murder and wife beating. His words not mine.

George Zimmerman
George Zimmerman
7 years ago
Reply to  MIMH


7 years ago
Reply to  MIMH

I think your miss
understanding his point

He (Qaradawi) means murder
as a punishment not go outside kill the first man you see because your having a
bad day

As for wife beating he
didn’t say beating he said hitting there is a difference hitting her means not
leaving a mark and never threatens her life

yes it is wrong he says
its allowed in certain situations

If you argue there should
not be any situation where this is allowed i agree

In fact Qaradawi said you might
only beat her if speaking sense into her didn’t work

The reason I agree is my
example of a family

You see I knew this man
since I was a month old (no he’s not my father)

When I turned 7 he got
engaged to this woman

i didn’t like her but i
was seven

Anyway they get

The woman shops and
entertains her self all day and night this had to stop when she got

But it didn’t the moment
her kid no longer had to breast feed she was out shopping 24/7

Now yes she should be able to unwind but everyday?
I am not the stressing details she used to bring him for me to baby sit and go shopping I go to visit them and she’s out shopping.

Now they have three

Their first son has a
communication problem; he can’t explain things like how he feels.

Their second son isn’t autistic but he has trouble speaking learning etc.

Their daughter is emotionally disturbed because her mother is physically there but not

If your wife wouldn’t accept the responsibility of being a mother wouldn’t you do something about it?
speaking her didn’t work.

7 years ago
Reply to  Discusser

Well Mr Qarawadi did says it was legitmate to kill those who left Islam, that is inciting people to murder.

No I would not hit a woman because she is a bad mother and I am surprised you seem to think that is ok.

johnny wang
johnny wang
7 years ago

…………..he said in his statement that he “loves all the countries of the Gulf, and they all love me:… just wondering then where exactly the problem is

7 years ago
Reply to  johnny wang

which statement are we talking about here?

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