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All you need to know about Sony’s new Playstation 5 in Qatar


Here’s all you need to know about Sony’s much-awaited gaming console.

After more than a year of guessing, Sony has finally revealed the design, release date, and price for gamers’ most precious machine: the next-generation PS5. 

If you’re looking to update your 2013 PS4, or you want to hop on the gaming life, Doha News is here to help.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new PS5:

What to expect:

Learning from past its success, Sony seems to be following the approach that made PlayStation 4 a great hit for years: simple setup and a well-thought-out user interface.

Similar to the previous console, PS5 owners will get to play first-party as well as top-tier third party games.

But first things first – there are two models of the console to choose from. 

The base model boasts an Ultra HD Blu-ray compatible optical disc drive while the Digital Edition ops for a more streamline look without the drive, for gamers that prefer digital downloads. 

Looking at the new upgrades, it is safe to say that Sony has yet to disappoint.

The new console features AMD’s Zen 2 CPU and powerful GPU from AMD based on the company’s RDNA 2 architecture that enables higher frame rates and ray tracing. This provides 10.28 teraflops of power with 36 compute units running at 2.23GHz each, which Sony calls “lightning speed.” 

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“Harness the power of a custom CPU, GPU, and SSD with Integrated I/O that rewrite the rules of what a PlayStation console can do,” Sony says. 

The new PS5 also has up to 4K 60fps gameplay as standard and a system memory of 16GB.

To ensure that PS5 feels like it was built for ease, it has a built-in microphone on the controller that can serve as a quick stand-in for a headset. 3D audio will also be supported.

As a whole, you should expect to see better graphics in your games, higher speed, and a ‘smoother’ playing experience, given the console’s support of high refresh rates. 

For those that want the nitty gritty tech details, see below:

CPU: x86-64-AMD Ryzen Zen 2, eight cores, variable frequency, up to 3.5 GHz

GPU: AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine, variable frequency, up to 2.23 GHz (10.3 Tflops)’

System memory: 16GB GDDR6

SSD: 825GB, 5.5GB/s read bandwidth

Audio: Tempest 3D AudioTech

Game Disk: Ultra HD Blu-ray, up to 100GB/disc

Video out: Support of 4K 120Hz TVs, 8K TVs

PS5’s price and release date:

Now the all important question – when can the Ps5 be purchased?

Pre-ordering in Qatar began at least two months ago, and it comes as no surprise to know it quickly ran out in several shops just a couple of weeks later. But don’t worry, it will launch sooner than you expected. 

The price for the brand new PS5  (base model) with one controller is QAR 2,199. The digital model’s price is still unclear in Qatar since most shops will only have the base model. 

As for the launch date, the PS5 will finally be available in Qatar on November 19, according to 51 East.

Where to buy?

You can find the brand new PS5 on November 19 in Virgin Megastore, 51 East, and Lulu Hypermarket.

Starting December, we expect PS5 to be available in most electronic stores in the country, so don’t worry if you don’t get your hands on one this month.

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