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How to apply for a family visa in Qatar


Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.

If you work in Qatar and want to bring your family here to live with you, the government has several requirements that must be met, including minimum salary requirements and suitable accommodation.

This week, the Ministry of Interior (MOI) published a basic refresher on the subject of family residency visas. Here’s what you need to know:

Necessary documents

1. First and foremost, you must have a valid residence permit to apply for a family visa.

2. You’ll need to produce a marriage certificate that is attested by authorities (usually Qatar’s embassy in your home country).

Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.

3. Applicants will have to submit proof that your housing is suitable for families (usually by showing your lease agreement).

4. If you’re working for a government or semi-government entity, you’ll need to present an official letter from your employer stating your profession and salary.

5. Requirements are more stringent for those working in the private sector. Monthly salary must be at least QR10,000, or QR7,000 if family housing is provided by your employer.

Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.

6. Private sector employees will also need to produce six months worth of bank statements from a local bank as proof of income.

7. Private sector employees will be required to submit a notarized employment contract and a copy of their educational certificates.

Additional requirements

According to government portal Hukoomi’s website, applicants will also need to submit:

  • This application form (typed in Arabic);
  • Passport copies of the relevant family members;
  • Attested copies of birth certificates for children; and
  • In the case of sponsoring adults, a certificate of “good conduct” attested by “relevant authorities.”

The visa issuance fee is QR200 per person.


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