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Arab icons sing their praises for GCC reconciliation


Artists across the MENA region have welcomed the latest “historic” development in the GCC through heartfelt posts on their social media accounts.

“Strength exists within unity”—these were the words of Lebanese and international soprano and icon Majida El Roumi as she expressed her joy over the recent GCC reconciliation on Tuesday.

The Lebanese artist welcomed news of the “Arab reconciliation” – which marked the end of the three-year-long GCC crisis – on her social media, saying the issue is “dear to her heart”.

“[H]ow beautiful the upcoming spring will be, when all brothers are gathered in the heart of the Arab world…at a time of painful Lebanese sorrow, exhausting anxiety, and grave dangers, the news of Arab reconciliation filled my heart. I rejoiced after not rejoicing for a long time,” she said in a tweet.

Majida was not the only artist to welcome the GCC reconciliation.

Nabil Shuail and Abdallah Al Rowaished

Kuwaiti singers Nabil Shuail and Abdallah Al Rowaished released a song titled “Ya Alkhaleeji” on January 4th, in which they expressed the importance of unity in the Gulf region.

The music video showed scenes from all GCC member states and their leaders, the first such move since the crisis erupted.


Prominent Kuwaiti singer Nawal also took to Twitter to express her enthusiasm about the Gulf reconciliation.

“This news brought joy to our hearts. Praise be to God, the wish of our late Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, may God have mercy on him, has been fulfilled…our destiny is one, and our people are one,” she said in a tweet.

Fahad Al Kubaisi

Qatari singer Fahad Al Kubaisi released a song to celebrate the historic moment titled “We Returned to How We Were”.

The song celebrated the unity of Qatar and Saudi Arabia and placed great emphasis on the “brotherly” relations between the two countries and the ability for their “shared blood” to overcome any issues.

Mohammed Abdo

Prominent Saudi singer Mohammed Abdo also released a song on January 6th titled “The Dawn of Salman”, referring to Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The music video showed clips of the Gulf leaders and shots from the 41st GCC Summit, which saw the “historic” signing of the Al Ula Declaration on January 5th, ending the three-year-long crisis.

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