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Wednesday, September 29, 2021
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Five things to do in Qatar this weekend (Feb. 10-13)

From a concert in the desert to art exhibitions to a "winter festival" in Al Khor, there are some fun things to check out in Qatar in the coming days. Here are our picks.

Six things to do in Qatar this weekend (Feb. 3-6)

From partaking in a quiz night for a QAWS to bundling up to see a movie in the park to cheering on famous cyclists from around the world, there's tons to do around town over the next few days. Here are the highlights.

New ‘Circus of Fountains’ opens at Qatar’s Souq Waqif

Drawn from talent across Russia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan, the three-year old show is an abridged version of its original European counterpart, and includes a diverse cast of human and animal performers.

Latest fishermen arrests in Qatar expose migrants’ vulnerability

Tens of thousands of migrant fishermen work off Qatar’s coasts to help feed the country’s growing appetite for seafood. Like many other low-income expats, their job is inherently dangerous and offers little in the way of job security or a guaranteed income.

Qatari competitor crowned ‘King of drift’ at Red Bull motorsport event

The competition always attracts droves of automotive fans and adrenaline junkies eager to take in the smell of burning rubber and the sound of souped-up car engines.

Four things to know about the 2016 Qatar Motor Show

From the location of the event to what’s on display to what types of cars are being unveiled, here's what you need to know about this year's Qatar Motor Show.

Six things to do in Qatar this weekend (Jan. 27-30)

From some intense car drifting action to the opening of an international golf tournament to a concert by a world-renowned Qawwali singer, there are lots of things to check out around town over the next few days. Here are the highlights.

Crowds throng Qatar’s Souq Waqif for opening of spring festival

With circus-like attractions and performers from all over the world showcasing their artistry alongside local singers and dancers, the festival brings together a cultural hodgepodge of talent over a period of two weeks.
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