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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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PHOTOS: Ramadan car parade on the Corniche (2014)

Residents of Qatar craving some excitement in Ramadan can get their daily dose of exotic and expensive cars by turning up to the Corniche before sunset.

Five things to do in Qatar this weekend (July 10-12)

From "tasting" the universe to kayaking under the moonlight, to eating free food and helping Qatar's working class, there is no shortage of things to do around town over the next few days.

VIDEO: Practicing parkour in Qatar

Two teenagers are trying to inspire more people in Doha to take up the novel sport, which involves running and performing stunts while getting from Point A to Point B.

Three days later, Musheireb residents still struggling after eviction

Some of the former tenants are still sleeping on the streets, while others have snuck back into their accommodations. Eviction notices were apparently posted at many homes in the past few months, but only in Arabic.

Hundreds of low-income expats in Qatar left homeless after eviction

Police apparently evicted the men from their homes in Musheireb last night, leaving many scrambling for new housing options today.

Four things to do in Qatar this weekend (July 3-5)

From playing sports to watching them; taking a boat ride under the stars and checking out some Khaleej-inspired short films, there is no shortage of things to do around Doha over the next few days.

Seven men killed, several others injured in bus accident in Al Khor

Two Nepali passengers who suffered severe head trauma remain in critical condition after a head-on collision that occurred on Friday, while others are in the hospital with broken bones and other injuries.

PHOTOS: Ramadan cannon moves to Qatar’s state mosque

The machine used to be rolled out daily during Ramadan at the General Post Office parking lot in West Bay, but is now at the Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Mosque near TV Roundabout.
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