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Monday, January 17, 2022

Giorgio Cafiero


الإصلاح في الداخل والقوة الناعمة في الخارج: خطاب مجلس الشورى ‘التاريخي’ للأمير شيخ تميم

 في لحظةٍ وُصفت بـ"التاريخية" في قطر، ألقى أمير البلاد خطاباً أمام أول مجلس شورى منتخب في الدولة الخليجية يوم الأربعاء ألقى أمير دولة قطر، الشيخ...

Reform at home and soft power abroad: Amir Tamim sets out Qatar’s priorities

In what has been described as a “historic” moment for Qatar, the Gulf state’s amir addressed the country’s first ever elected Shura Council on...

Is Bahrain playing the role of saboteur in GCC reconciliation?

This month’s Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summit at the Saudi heritage site of Al-Ula marked a watershed in the history of relations between Gulf...

Would an Israeli embassy ever open in Doha?

by Giorgio Cafiero and Claire Fuchs On August 13, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel formalised bilateral relations. Although historic, the US-brokered deal was...
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