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Monday, January 25, 2021

Joannah N Zimbe


Qatar’s online community inspires ‘donation over sales’

While making a little extra money selling unwanted belongings is no issue, Qatar's online community pages have been inspired to donate instead. With so many...

Qatar Airways axes senior pilots in another round of job cuts

Letter to staff exposes pilot layoffs and company-wide salary freeze at the national carrier. We reached out to Qatar Airways this month for comments...

HRW report reveals migrant workers still facing abuse ahead of Qatar’s FIFA 2022 World Cup

Written by Joannah N Zimbe Migrant workers claim they continue to endure ongoing salary abuse, exploitation and mistreatment as they work on World Cup stadiums...

The parkour pioneers of Qatar

Written by Joannah N Zimbe The energetic, dangerous and highly athletic sport of parkour — or freerunning — is gaining popularity in Doha. Doha News...

World Breastfeeding Week 2020 comes to Qatar

by Joannah N Zimbe Breastfeeding saves nearly a million lives per year by reducing the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, according to World Health...
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