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Monday, January 17, 2022
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Qatar man loses appeal after killing child in hit-and-run

The man, Esa Salim Muhammad Al-Malki, was originally found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in March last year and faces a six-month jail term.

New Qatar law highlights rights of people with mental illness

The legislation includes details about where patients must be treated and how long they can be held against their will.

Qatar bidders spend nearly QR6 million in license plate auction

The fifth license plate number auction ran from Tuesday afternoon to late last night, closing around 12:40am this morning.

Qatar’s MOI to hold special license plate auction this week

The auction runs through 10pm on Thursday, Nov. 24, and will be conducted via the government’s Metrash 2 app. It is open to anyone with a Qatar ID.

Qatar officials: Saudi chicken safe from salmonella

In a tweet this weekend, the Ministry of Public health said that the Saudi brand’s poultry is not contaminated with salmonella, and that such rumors date back to 2013.

Al Sharq editor-in-chief resigns over tweet perceived to be a Saudi snub

Some Saudis were insulted when Jaber Al-Harmi praised the passage of a new HR law in Qatar. He said in a tweet, "While some countries have decreased their citizens' salaries, Qatar announces that salaries for its citizens are going up."

Four men stand trial over death of Qatar shopkeeper

According to court documents, the men had driven up to a shop, placed and order and tried to leave without paying. But the shop employee apparently grabbed hold of the vehicle’s sideview mirror and was killed after being dragged several meters.

Official: Qatar to maintain public alcohol ban during World Cup

World Cup organizers have confirmed that alcohol will not be available in public places in Qatar in 2022, but have not ruled out sales at stadiums during the event.
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