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Friday, December 3, 2021

Bad drivers beware: Rollout of point-to-point radar system across Doha ‘soon’


In a bid to crack down on the proliferation of bad driving across Doha, Qatar is installing new radars to catch motorists passing from the right and drivers taking a left turn from the wrong lane, QNA reports.

It is unclear whether these radars are part of the long-anticipated implementation of a point-to-point radar system across the city.

But that system could go online as early as “next week,” an official working with the Traffic Department recently told the Peninsula.

The radars, which can calculate how fast a car goes between two points, will make it much harder for speeding vehicles to evade detection, said Mustafa Siddiqui, Head of Application and Laserfiche Solution, ITQAN Technologies.

The Peninsula reports:

Overtaking and tailgating vehicles can also no longer escape detection. The advanced technology is both multi-lane and multi-object capable, allowing reliable speed detection in places where conventional radar enforcement systems and speed guns are challenged. They would perfectly function even in built up urban areas, at road works, on bends, in tunnels and at road sections with poor visibility.

“A speeding car can run away or hide from a usual radar. But Light Detection and Ranging technology can monitor six lanes at a time, therefore a driver cannot change the lane and hide from the camera,” said Siddiqui.

Qatar has been talking about introducing the point-to-point radar system for at least three years, during which time the project has been in an experimental phase.

But the country does appear closer to implementation, as the radars have been spotted near the new arrivals terminal at the Doha International Airport.


Credit: Photo by Jasmine M

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