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Best board games for family time


Looking to spend some quality time with the family? Here are some fun, competitive games to play!

Games are a great way to connect with family and loved ones while keeping yourselves entertained. Board games have seen a drastic increase in popularity worldwide, especially with the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic and all the lockdown restrictions that came with it.

After a long day at work, these fun family board games motivate your entire family to take a well-deserved break and make room for fun memories that will last a lifetime, and more importantly, they replace screens with actual human interaction.

From famous traditional games to unique and modern past-time activities, Doha News has you covered with a list of our own personal favourite. 



If you’ve lived in Qatar for a while, you’ve probably heard or stumbled upon this game. Jackaroo is one of the most popular games in the Middle East, and it’s super fun to play with your loved ones!

The game is similar to Ludo but is a lot more intense and requires a lot of thinking and strategy. The aim of the game is to move your four marbles around the board and get them to home to safety.

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It sounds easy, until you place cunning opposition team members and a batch of wild cards to the mix. Traditionally, the game is played with four people that are split into two teams. However, there are six-person boards that can be found in Qatar. 


Source: squizzas

Whether you are a big or small family, Articulate is the perfect game. Up to 20 players can participate in this ‘charades-like’ extravaganza, which makes it not only exciting but super loud, too.

Split yourselves up into teams and ‘articulate’ as many words as possible on the cards available. You only have 30 seconds to pile up as much points as possible to see your team move around the board.

First to the finish line wins!

Catan Studio Catan The Board Game


Looking for a game that will stimulate your brain? This one’s for you.

Catan Studio is a game for trading, strategy and tactical skill. Above all, it is also a game of absolute luck, which makes it super unpredictable and thus, a lot more exciting. The best part? It takes roughly just one hour to complete, so it is perfect for those who are busy and looking for a quick, fun break with family. 

The goal of the game is to tame the Isle of Catan by being the first to establish regions, buildings, trades, cities and roads. 

We’re Not Really Strangers

Source: popsugar

For those looking looking for something a little deeper, We’re Not Really Strangers’ may just do the job. The unique card game allows you is all about empowering meaningful connections with your loved ones.

Three carefully crafted levels of questions and wildcards allow you to “deepen your existing relationships and create new ones”, all the while revealing interesting things you never knew about the people around you.

And just FYI, you may need tissues. A lot of them. 


Source: nymag.com

Not much needs to be said about Jenga – it’s a family classic!

The game has small, rectangular wooden blocks that are used to build a tower. Each player then takes a turn removing a block without toppling the whole thing over.

It’s simple, fun, and the intensity will no doubt keep you on your toes!

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