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Monday, January 17, 2022

DN Reports


Ehteraz app updated, but it still has problems

Qatar has improved the Ehteraz app to allow for non-residents to register. Watch our videos for more!

5 funniest fake news stories about Qatar

From non-existent protests to the coup that never was, watch our video roundup of some of the funniest made up "news" about Qatar! ?

Qatar’s blockade three years on

To mark three years since the start of the blockade, our readers put together this video to share with the world what makes Qatar...

How COVID-19 affected Qatar’s animals

COVID-19 hasn't just impacted humans, its having its affect on animals too. Watch our video for more!

Delivery drivers have been essential during this pandemic

Delivery drivers have been essential during this pandemic. Society has depended on them more than it has almost any other job. So why are...

New time-lapse video showcases beauty of Qatar’s Zekreet

Croatian expat Vedran Strelar has made a stunning time-lapse film of Zekreet to showcase what the area has to offer. The film took him a year to make.


Inflation in Qatar reaches record high

The Gulf nation's inflation rate has spiked in the last years, and it could be attributed to the challenges imposed by the global pandemic.  Qatar's...

Problems with Ehteraz app as COVID numbers surge in Qatar

Qatar reported the highest number of daily Covid-19 cases in its history on Tuesday when more than 4000 tests registered positive.  As tens of thousands...

Everything you need to know about Qatar’s school COVID protocols

Online learning will take place until at least January 27. Here's everything you need to know about school protocols after it's over.  With physical attendance...

#Unvaccinated_Rights: social media users in Qatar debate

In 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) named vaccine hesitancy as one of the world’s top global health threats. An online debate over Covid-19 vaccines...