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Sunday, April 11, 2021

The Round up


The Round Up 23 March 2021

Top stories on #TheRoundUp this Tuesday: #Qatar expresses support for #Saudi proposal in #Yemen 80% of #school staff vaccinated Qatar takes home second place at...

The Round Up 22 March 2021

The top stories in Doha on #TheRoundUp: 🏗️ @Amnesty presses Qatar on labour reforms @ILOQatar @AmnestyMENA 💉 18% of adult population vaccinated @MophQatar 🐕 Does Qatar have...

The Round Up 21 March 2021

Top stories on #TheRoundUp today:  Qatar’s historic new labour reforms finally come into effect @ILOQatar  Investigation opens after mother exposes sexual abuse at nursery  Qatar spokesperson slams...

The Round Up 18 March 2021

Top stories on #TheRoundUp today School attendance dropped to 30% Baby born with Covid-19 antibodies  How to invest in @QatarBursa Qatar to get its first eco-floating...

The Round Up 17 March 2021

Here are the top stories in #Qatar today:   Appalling conditions at budget quarantine centres One year since Covid-19 EEP’s still keeping families apart Q&A on U.K.-Qatar travel changes

The Round Up 16 March 2021

Top stories on #TheRoundUp today #Afghan ambassador to #UAE under fire for criticising #Qatar’s role in peace talks #COVID19 vaccines prove 95% effective with new strains...


One step forward, two steps back: Why is Qatar struggling to combat the second wave?

With continued lax attitudes among the general public as well as delayed measures from authorities, Qatar can expect another lockdown. Sources have told Doha News...

BREAKING: Qatar ramps up restrictions on country’s deadliest Covid-19 day

This article has been updated since the press conference at 9pm on Wednesday. New restrictions have been introduced in an effort to flatten the curve.  Qatari...

Qatar witnesses its second highest Covid-19 daily death toll

The number of coronavirus fatalities has drastically increased in the past months compared to last year. Six Covid-19 fatalities were recorded on Tuesday, the second-highest...

‘Expensive’ costs of private PCR tests sparks complaints

The Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) announced it would halt PCR swab tests for travellers, sparking backlash online. The cost of Covid-19 swab tests at...