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is there any salary rise for gov employese ths year?

Yes. Qatar plans to raise government salaries 10% this year, as stated in their new budget. Here’s a report in the Peninsula. 

Qatar’s tap water is more than safe to drink

Qatar's tap water is more than safe to drinkThe quality of drinking water in Qatar exceeds the water safety standards set by the World Health Organization, according to the third annual report by Qatar...

Coming soon to Qatar: A cactus-shaped skyscraper

Move over, current crazy skyscrapers. A new funky-looking building heading to Qatar, this time in the shape of a cactus.  The new building, the latest in biomimicry, will serve as the new office complex for...

are there any welsh associations in qatar

Not that we’ve come across. There are lots of Brits in Qatar though, with people organising* activities via Facebook, Qatar Living, and other websites. As for a physical gathering point, there’s Garvey’s European Club -...

Amnesty granted for 25 Filipinos jailed in Qatar

From GMA News: At least 25 Filipinos detained in Qatar will regain their freedom after they have been granted amnesty, (Philippine) Vice President Jejomar Binay said Saturday. Binay said the release of the 25, who are...

Syb’s Musings: You Earn How Much?!

Syb's Musings: You Earn How Much?!Peanuts, indeed! sybsmusings: This newsflash came out in the local papers a couple of days ago. Even though it’s not really shedding new light on the financial rewards of the laborers...
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