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Monday, May 10, 2021
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Update: Qatar hit by massive sandstorm

A sand-haze view of West Bay this morning I cobbled together this Storify report on what’s going on with the sandstorm so far. Stay tuned for updates as things develop! What are you seeing/hearing/experiencing? Please share...

Qatar becomes first Arab country to enforce no-fly zone

Qatar becomes first Arab country to enforce no-fly zoneAccording to Reuters, the UAE committed its military services on Thursday, and is expected to join the mission soon.

Sandstorm alert!

A massive sandstorm swept through Kuwait today, “turning day into night.” Check out this incredible footage - essentially an angry black cloud descending on the country. The sandstorm is now reportedly in Dammam, Saudi Arabia...

For Qatar, a game of damah on the world stage

Men play the ancient game of Damah in Souq Waqif From The Guardian: In an air-conditioned room down an alley in the old market of Qatar’s capital Doha, enthusiasts of “damah” gather most evenings. The ancient board...

VIDEO: Doha in transit

VIDEO: Doha in transit A video shot by a traveler transiting through Doha - anyone (everyone) who’s been through the Doha International Airport will recognize this scene. This travel, unfortunately, didn’t make it out of the...

Understanding the shopping pysche of an expat (or, why Shamozal has 2,000 unopened condoms)

Kirsty (also known as @shamozal) at 4 kids, 20 suitcases and a beagle touched on a topic today that is near and dear to many expats’ hearts: stuff. Specifically, imported stuff. Why do expats complain...
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