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Sunday, February 28, 2021
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MET: Winds to pick up and temps to fall in Qatar this week

Expect visibility to drop starting tomorrow night as gusts of more than 30 knots (56km/hour) sweep in.

No rain in Qatar’s forecast yet, but watch out for fog

In a statement, the Qatar Meteorology Department (MET) said visibility may drop to 1km or less along the western coast and central areas of the country.

Penin: Weather change triggers rise in respiratory ailments

Penin: Weather change triggers rise in respiratory ailmentsDusty, furnace-like conditions are prompting an increasing number of people, mostly children, to present to Qatar emergency rooms with breathing issues. The Peninsula reports: “Normally we see an increase...

Qatar to make big push for organ donations

After shoring up its facilities and educating its medical community, Qatar is gearing up for a nationwide promotion on organ donation, portraying it as a heroic act that saves lives. The need for organ donation...

Qatar MET: Strong winds, thundershowers (!) likely

For those waking up to a dusty, hazy and gusty Doha, don’t worry, it’s not an apocalypse. The Qatar Meteorology Department is forecasting a perfect hat trick of strong winds, dust storms and thunder showers today....
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