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Monday, January 17, 2022
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Footage offers glimpse of critical moments in Qatar’s history

Amid half a million historical videos recently posted on YouTube are dozens of pieces on Qatar, including footage of independence and opening of the old National Museum.

Tarsheed Qatar: A drop of water was once a matter of life or death for us

In a series of videos, the country's national conservation program takes residents back several decades, to a time when Qatar was a poor, parched desert nation.

Footage of Qatar from half a century ago highlights nation’s development

The six-minute black and white video shows how Doha has changed but also remained the same in terms of its reliance on expats, the need to shore up water supplies and its subsidized healthcare system.

VIDEO: Make way for emergency vehicles in Qatar, but don’t follow them

Tailgating an ambulance on its way to an emergency as a strategy to escape traffic queues is "totally unacceptable behavior" that only leads to "chaos" on the roads, the Ministry of Interior said.

Video: I Love Qatar advises, take care when complimenting an Arab

According to the latest Qtip from the I Love Qatar team, compliments can sometimes be confused with desire - i.e., if you say you like someone’s phone, that could be interpreted as you coveting it for yourself.

Video: I Love Qatar answers, is it illegal to stare at a Qatari woman?

In response to online rumors, comedian Hamad Al-Amari sets the record straight, saying it's not illegal to stare - but it IS rude.
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