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Monday, January 24, 2022

Coming soon to Qatar: A cactus-shaped skyscraper


Move over, current crazy skyscrapers. A new funky-looking building heading to Qatar, this time in the shape of a cactus. 

The new building, the latest in biomimicry, will serve as the new office complex for the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Urban Planning, says The Design Blog.

Designed by the innovative Bankgkok-based Aesthetic Architects, the building will be a part of multi-billion dollar Green Building project progressing at Energy City Qatar, which is supposed to complete construction on its infrastructure by the end of next year.

Environmental blog Green Packs writes:

To take shape in the dry and arid Qatar, the building is shaped much like a prickly cactus that does all it can to keep the sun out and store the water. The structure uses sun shades on its windows, which can open or close to keep out the heat as per the requirements throughout the day or night.

Since the days get really hot and nights are pretty cold, the technology helps regulate the temperature inside. This sure saves a hell lot of money, but its is the energy it saves that makes the cactus skyscraper an amazing— as money is not an issue, especially considering Qatar has the highest GDP in the world.

What do you guys think? Coolest building ever, or just too weird?

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