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Confused? Here are the Covid-19 restrictions you need to know


Earlier this month, new restrictions were implemented amid a rising number of Covid-19 cases in the country. To help you understand more, we’ve put together all you need to know.

Qatar’s recent re-imposing of coronavirus restrictions has left many unsure of what exactly is allowed and what is now prohibited.

The recent measures affected businesses, sports, daily routine, and even education, and that was only the second phase of the plan. However, since the introduction of the new rules, there has been a rise in businesses and individuals being referred to the public prosecution.

With ongoing developments and updates, it may be hard to keep track of the latest restrictions and regulations for day-to-day activities. For that, Doha News put together a list of the most important (and most used) regulations to help clarify any confusion.

1- Gatherings

The ministry has announced that outdoor gatherings, including parks, majlis, and outdoor seating areas, should be limited to 15 people, while no more than five people are allowed to gather indoors. 

Throughout the outing, people are required to keep a safe social distance, avoid physical contact while greeting, and wear masks at all times. Masks are only allowed to be off while eating or drinking.

For those planning on going to the park or beach for picnics, you’re free to do so as long as physical distancing and other precautionary measures are followed. 

For winter camps, no more than 15 people are allowed. 

For public parks, beaches, and public outdoor areas, visitors are required to show a green Ehteraz and have their temperature checked before entering. 

2- Everything vehicle-related

No more than four people are allowed in a vehicle, including the driver, with the exception of families. All passengers are required to wear masks at all times to ensure everyone’s safety. 

Public transportation and metro services continue to operate with a capacity not exceeding 30%. Meanwhile, driving schools can only operate with a capacity that does not exceed 25%.

Masks must be worn while travelling on public or personal transport.

3- Parties and weddings

Weddings and parties in venues are strictly prohibited until further notice to limit the spread of the virus. For home weddings, only 10 people in closed places are allowed and no more than 20 people in open spaces – all of whom must be relatives of the bride and groom.

However, hosts are required to notify the ministry of interior of the date and place of the wedding ceremony and pledge to abide by precautionary measures. 

4- Sports, relaxing and play area 

All playgrounds and sports equipments in public parks, beaches, and the corniche have been closed to limit the chance of infection. Meanwhile, gyms and health clubs can operate only with a 30% capacity.  

For massage services, only five-star hotels are allowed to operate with a 30% capacity, while others will remain closed until further notice. Saunas and steam rooms, jacuzzi services and Moroccan and Turkish baths are also closed, the ministry announced. 

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All indoor and swimming pools, as well as indoor water parks, are closed. Outdoor pools continue to operate with a capacity not exceeding 30%.

All amusement parks and entertainment centres in commercial complexes inside closed places are shut. For open spaces, a capacity of 30% is allowed.

5- Work-related

No more than 80% of the workforce are allowed to attend offices in the government and private sectors. The remaining percentage can work remotely from their homes as and when needed.

Meanwhile, meetings can only be held if no more than 15 people are in attendance. All attendees must adhere to precautionary measures, including wearing masks, and abide by social distancing rules.

6- Mosques 

Mosques continue to open for daily and Friday prayers, while toilets and ablution facilities remain closed until further notice. 

7- Masks, masks, masks

And finally, don’t forget your masks!

All residents of Qatar are obliged to wear masks when leaving the house at all times. An active green EHTERAZ should be present when leaving the house. For those with grey, yellow or red statuses, quarantine is mandatory and a PCR Covid-19 test is required.

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