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Dear mum, is your heart feeling heavy?


As a mother, this is your reminder to take care of your mental wellbeing.

Dear Mum,

How is your heart right now? No really, how is your heart?  You’ve got a lot on your plate, mama. You’re carrying your own heart and those of your children, along with personal stress, pandemic concerns, learning from home, and the incredibly painful tragedies taking place in the world. 

I know your heart is heavy, and at times, you do not get the opportunity to unload. Instead, you continue to fill your heart until it topples over.

Then, you suddenly feel the urge to cry. If you aren’t able to let your tears out, you’re left with a heart that is sore. There is all this talk about how you have to be strong. There are conversations that call on you to be resilient. People will tell you to not be so down, to get over how you feel, and to move on. Although these words are meant to encourage you, sometimes toxic positivity can do the opposite and you’re left feeling worse than you did before.

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So what is the solution? How can your heavy heart experience some sort of relief? There really is no one answer that is right, but maybe the solution lies in deep reflection. Perhaps, it’s necessary to acknowledge how you feel and take a moment to give your heart that necessary relief. 

If you feel like that means you put your kids to sleep and journal your heart out, then try to do it. If it means that you need an opportunity to cry in the shower while having your neighbour watch your child(ren), then take that moment.

Maybe it requires cuddling with your child(ren) and watching your favorite childhood movie, then crying together at the heart-tugging scenes. Perhaps, it means that you have to meet with a therapist weekly to relieve your heart. It could be that one thing that helps your heart feel more at peace, or it could be multiple actions combined. 

Whichever one it is, remember that you know what is best for your heart. Try to also remember that times are tough, exhaustion is prevalent, and you feel this way for a valid reason.

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The small efforts you make can make a meaningful difference over time. They can give your heart something to look forward to on the days it needs relief the most.  

You’re doing a great job, mum. Your heart is a beautiful vessel that has undergone a lot of stress and pressure, but still it gets you through your days and pours love unto others time after time. 

Although it can feel difficult to do so, trying your best to take a moment of relief for your heart is always worth it. 

I wish you well, sweet mum.

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