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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Despite criticism, website featuring AJE ‘eye candy’ back online


After a four-month hiatus, a Tumblr site that highlights Qatar-based news network Al Jazeera’s best-looking male journalists has made an unapologetic comeback.

The Men of AJE debuted last summer but quickly shut down amid criticism that its anonymous founders were exploiting their subjects.

But before then, the site had already caught the appreciative eye of single women far from Doha, including blogger Cindi Loo at Southeast Asian Youth, who says:

The beauty of this Tumblr wasn’t just that it’s filled with eye candy, nope, but every post comes with a witty comment and almost perfect but non-clichéd description of said “hunk of the day”.

According to their official Twitter, the Tumblr owner is a woman that keeps everyone guessing if she was even from Al Jazeera English. It immediately became the talk of the AJE office and Twittersphere when it comes to who will be featured next, which really kept all the men on their toes all the time.

Men of AJE (also on Twitter) announced its return on Dec. 30, and in a post titled “Why we’re back,” stated:

Bored. But also because the four month void was too much. And we only left after professional issues. We don’t give a sh** about objectifying anyone.

The site did not return immediate requests for comment, but explains its existence thus:

every so often a horrific news story or a story of hope overtakes our tv screens, grabbing our attention hostage. once in awhile, those stories are accompanied by the deliciousness of god-blessed testosterone. these are their faces.

What are your thoughts on this site? Giggle- or gag-worthy?

UPDATE: Men of AJE responds:

1. We never received criticism – instead, we received hoards of submissions and slightly concerning tweets/responses that made us strongly believe that what we were doing was not only questionable but completely awesome and needed. (In a tweet, Men of AJE says “FTR – we were not being criticized. We just used said excuse to cover up other reasons.)

2. We were never contacted for a comment. But we’re completely ready to answer any questions anyone may have that do not relate to our identity because that’s just so secondary to these men. (Doha News submitted questions to Men of AJE’s Tumblr site on Thursday.)

3. We’ve attracted single and taken women alike. And a lot of men too. Let’s not get too heteronormative now, guys. (Good point.)

4. This is major jokes. We’re important? (You certainly brought smiles to our faces!)

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