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Doha College circulates alert following second incident between stranger, student


Doha College is circulating an advisory from the principal informing parents that a man recently tried to lure a student into his truck and has advised them to talk to their kids about stranger danger.

In a circular dated today, Sept. 27, the British school’s Principal Mark Leppard said:

A male driver of a “red truck” approached one of our students and attempted to lure the student into his vehicle. The timing of this incident was around 3:30pm at the end of our extracurricular programme. This is a genuine concern and a situation we feel we must inform you of.

We will be raising this serious issue with the students, however, please discuss this with you and your children as a matter of urgency. It is not pleasant to have to raise, but I do feel it is better to be aware and deal with it, rather than ignore its existence.

Three months ago, several secondary schools raised the issue of stranger danger following an incident between a child and who was dropped off at a school entrance by a parent, and then approached by a man carrying a “party bag” who asked the child to “take it to a woman over there.”

The child was about to comply with the request and head away from the school when a nearby parent intervened by guiding the child into the school. 

Even earlier than that, schools had been dealing with sporadic incidences between students and strangers.

Vice Principal Mark Hunter told Doha News that “schools attract all kind of people, even in Doha, which is relatively safe.”

His advice includes:

  • Picking up children close to the gates, where security is stationed;
  • Making sure students who are walking home travel in pairs or groups;
  • And ensuring students with drivers not get into the car if someone unfamiliar turns up.

Parents have also been advised to pick their children up promptly from school and alert authorities about any suspicious behavior.

Here’s the letter:


Credit: Photo by John Harvey

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