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Monday, October 25, 2021

‘Doha Driving’ article sparks lively online debate


This article I wrote in the UK’s Telegraph has sparked some interesting debate, leading to it being quoted in the Gulf Times today. In the Telegraph article, I write:

“With drivers from all over the world, ever-changing road layouts (that lane that was there yesterday may well be dust tomorrow), patchy seatbelt usage, adrenaline-fuelled driving styles and widespread mobile phone use, you have a perfect storm of road chaos.”

Commenters on the article have been divided in their response.

‘Sandthistle’ says:

“I see kids jumping about, unrestrained, inside cars on every journey I do, every day of the week. In my first week here, I saw more serious accidents than I have ever seen in my entire life.”

‘DGT444’ says:

“Most of the time, on a day to day basis driving there is not how this article makes it seem…Indicating (in Doha) is widespread, especially at roundabouts, and key to preventing accidents and driving safely. “ 

What do you think about driving in Qatar? What should be done to make the roads safer? 

Credit: Picture by Noodle Pie

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