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Doha petrol station, area shops closed over possible gas leak


City Petrol Station, as seen closed today.
City Petrol Station, as seen closed today.

Qatar authorities have closed a popular petrol station and several surrounding shops near Immigration Roundabout today over safety concerns following a suspected natural gas leak.

Speaking to Doha News, several nearby shopkeepers said there was a smell of gas in the air this morning. The petrol pumps were closed around 9:30am, and shops were told to shut around 11am, one manager said.

Photos taken by those passing by show several Civil Defense police vehicles and a fire truck around the City Petrol Station, which is just off the Doha Expressway on Al Luqta Street on the way towards Education City and the Qatar National Convention Center.

By midday, all but one Civil Defense vehicle had left, but the petrol station – along with the adjacent Qatar National Bank branch, Porsche service center, dry cleaner, cafeteria and several other shops – remained closed.

City Petrol Station, as seen closed today.
City Petrol Station, as seen closed today.

Plastic barriers and a pair of pylons blocked the only entrance to the petrol station.

When asked for a comment, a Civil Defense official onsite declined to discuss what was happened, saying only that they were responding to an “emergency situation.”

A Ministry of the Environment official also visited the property and declined comment.

One man on the property, who was explaining to customers arriving on foot that everything was closed, suggested that the gas leak occurred close to the bank branch rather than at the petrol station itself.

Fewer options

It is unclear how long the petrol station will remain closed.

The news has been greeted with frustration by some motorists, given that central Doha has a dwindling number of petrol stations despite increasing demand.

Over the past few years, several Doha petrol stations have closed for safety reasons or to make way for new developments.

Al Andalus gas station under renovations.
Al Andalus gas station under renovations.

That includes the station just north of Landmark Mall, which shut more than a year ago after a fatal explosion in a nearby restaurant.

The Markhiya Petrol Station near Burger King (Markhiya) signal has also closed, as has the petrol station near Villaggio Mall.

And on C-Ring Road, the old Al Andalus Petrol Station remains shuttered, following an apparent underground explosion in September 2013.

Qatar’s state-backed fuel company Woqod has said it plans to open more than a dozen petrol stations over the next year, but most of those will be outside of Doha.



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6 years ago

The irony of living in the Gulf and not finding a place to fill up your car with petrol.

6 years ago

Dont know what is happening to the Al Andalus petrols station, but no apparent work to reopen, it would be better to demolish it and use the area for parking for the Ministry of Labour and reduce massive congestion in the area.

6 years ago

Oil oil everywhere ..not a place to fill. It’s seems another monopoly in the making with only Woqod dominating the scene.

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