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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Doha’s food scene – yay or nay?


For David Roberts over at The Gulf Blog, great food choices in Qatar are few and far between. He writes:

I live my life according to what’s next to munch. Food is important to me. My love for cooking it is only surpassed by my love of eating hence why Qatar is really rather a let-down…

And what’s with the utter lack of small, cheap, dirty flafel/shwarma places in Doha? Why do these shaaby places seem to be all about ‘club sandwiches’? Why on earth would I want a crappy mighty-white sandwich with plastic cheese, fake ham stuff and semi-rancid mayonnaise when I should be munching on a shwarma or a greasy felaffel sandwich? I just don’t understand.

Personally, I do enjoy the Arab food in Dearborn more than the stuff offered here – with the exception of the homemade food sold by Qatari women in the souq. And Qatar is seriously lacking in the Tex-Mex food department.

Still, there are more different types of cuisine available here these days (even bagels!) than when I moved here in 2007 – though none of them are especially easy on the wallet.

In fact, several of the places I listed in a (wildly popular) article about cheap eats in Doha about two years have sadly folded.

What do you guys think of Doha’s food scene? Do you have any recommendations to cheer David up and change his mind? 

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