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Expat accused of beating, murdering wife appears in Qatar court


Lower criminal court in Doha
Lower criminal court in Doha

An Egyptian national accused of killing his wife in their Qatar home late last year broke down in tears during his murder trial yesterday, insisting he had attempted to revive the women while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

However, that contradicted testimony from a paramedic who testified in court on Thursday that there was no evidence the defendant had tried to perform first aid or CPR.

When asked by the defendant’s lawyer if the man pleaded with them to save his wife, the paramedic said no and that the man had appeared calm and composed.

The paramedic said he found the victim covered with a blanket in the hallway. She had a deep wound in her head, bruises on her arm, a black eye and blue discolouration on her limbs, he added.

The court was told at a previous hearing that the woman died from internal bleeding due to repeated beatings, with bruising suggesting that these attacks were “repeated and severe,” Al Raya reported last month.

For illustrative purposes only
For illustrative purposes only

A medical examiner also testified the victim had first-degree burns on 40 percent of her body. According to Al Raya, the defendant said his wife poured boiling water on herself but later admitted that he subsequently doused her with boiling water as well.

During last month’s hearing, a police officer testified that the defendant admitted that he and his wife had an argument that led to him beating her with his hands and, later, a vacuum cleaner rod.

The officer said he was struck at how there were no signs of a struggle.

The following day, police investigators returned to the house and found that blood had been cleaned from the hallway floor and walls, the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.

No death sentence requested

During yesterday’s hearing, the defense lawyer highlighted how his client – who is charged with intentional murder – was the one who called paramedics for help.

The attorney also questioned a second police officer who arrived at the scene 10 minutes after paramedics about his interactions with the defendant.

Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.

In contrast to the paramedic’s testimony, this officer said the man – who was standing outside his house with his mother when police arrived – was crying and appeared too distraught to provide a statement to police.

The court also heard from a lawyer representing the victim’s father. During murder trials in Qatar, it’s common for the victim’s family to be asked if they favor the death penalty if the defendant is found guilty.

The lawyer said the victim’s father did not wish “retribution” and was asked by the court to produce a full list of the victim’s surviving relatives.

The trial is scheduled to resume on April 26 with the testimony of another police officer.


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