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Father saves child from committing suicide influenced by dangerous video games


In Qatar, a father found his son strangled with a curtain rope trying to imitate scenes from a video game.

Qatar’s Al Rayyan TV shared the story of “Fahd”, a boy that was rescued by his father just at the right moment saving him from potential death.

The young boy reportedly climbed on a table and tried to hang himself in a copycat stunt inspired by an online game he frequently played.

The father shared a video showing his son’s neck which was severely scarred from the rope. ‘Fahd’ admitted that the idea came to him from a video game he plays on his smartphone.

The video of the boy’s injuries was shared with the aim to warn people of the deadly risk of video games when played in an environment that lacks parental control.

Experts have constantly warned of the dangerous influence violent video games could have on minors, which have in many cases lead to harm, crime or even lethal consequences.

Social workers have highlighted again that The risks are not simply present in video games, but the internet as a whole has the potential to deliver harmful messages to children.

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Children psychologists linked gaming addiction in minors to lack of parental care and a developed sense of isolation and loneliness. In order to pass time, many kids resort to online gaming to compensate for the absence of their parents in their daily life.

Specialists urge parents and guardians to communicate with their children more often and provide them a free space to express their feelings and thoughts.

‘Fahd’ is not the first child to be physically harmed because of video games, Al Rayyan TV shared another video of a little boy whose eyes got affected by intensive exposure to digital screens while playing online games.

The coronavirus pandemic and lengthy closures of public facilities resulted in many parents loosening control over internet usage as online gaming and streaming service became the most accessible entertainment tool for their children.

The adverse impact of lax parental control has translated into many incidents that saw minors committing crimes and violent acts influenced by popular online content.

In the wake of similar incidents, experts have been urging parents to work closely with qualified therapists to ensure children have the “right psychological tools to deal with their personal experiences,” Senior Clinical Psychologist at Mind Institute Qatar, Mohamed Hedi Mabrouk said in a previous interview with DN.

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