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Female kite surfer breaks records with trip from Bahrain to Doha


Anke Brandt
Anke Brandt

German kite surfer Anke Brandt broke her own record for the world’s longest surf by a female rider when she rode from Bahrain to Doha overnight this month.

The epic trip – 298km (161 nautical miles) – took the Bahrain resident 17 hours to complete.

This March 17 journey was 47km longer than a world record she set in 2014 when she circumnavigated Bahrain riding her kite, a feat that took 12 hours to complete.

Brandt’s efforts raised $5,500 for the charity ‘Wings for Life’ which funds research into spinal cord injuries.

Unscheduled stop

Doha wasn’t Brandt’s intended destination, however. She had originally planned to surf to Abu Dhabi – which was some 550 km away – but as she explains on her blog, changed course due to weather conditions:

“The first sectors of our journey went very well with great progress, followed however by calm periods that cost us more than 2 hours of stagnation.

In addition, with the (weather) front moving in faster than predicted, the call had to be made to keep the boat and crew safe and led to an early arrival into Doha.”

Despite this set back, she said that she plans to attempt the Bahrain-Abu Dhabi trip again next month.

“With all this knowledge in our bag, there is no other way but to try again” she said.


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