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Final eclipse of the year to be visible in Doha on Sunday afternoon


Solar Eclipse

Qatar residents should be able to catch a brief glimpse of a rare solar eclipse on Sunday, Nov. 3, that is expected to cause some places in the world to go completely dark.

The eclipse is the final one of 2013, and is dubbed a "hybrid." That's because in some nations, namely parts of Africa, the dark silhouette of the moon will completely obscure the bright light of the sun. In other parts, the sun will appear as a very bright ring surrounding the dark disk of the moon.

According to the Qatar Meteorology Department, the eclipse will start around 1:05pm Doha time, and is expected to continue past sunset, until around 6:30pm.

But in Doha, TimeandDate.com states that a partial eclipse will only be visible from 4:20pm to 4:45pm.

Because the sun will be so close to the horizon as it prepares to set, the website recommends either heading south/southwest (toward the desert) to catch the show, or to be situated high up, like in a tall building.

As per Islamic tradition, special prayers are offered in some Qatar mosques during eclipses.

Meanwhile, astronomers remind those watching the eclipse to avoid looking directly at the sun, or through unprotected binoculars or a telescope, because it could damage the eyes.

The Washington Post offers this alternative:

“Instead, go old school: Put a pinhole in cardboard and project the sun’s image on a piece of paper.”

Do you plan to look to the sky on Sunday? Thoughts?


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Abu Sa'ad
Abu Sa'ad
7 years ago

Good opportunity to perform the Sunnah of Salat al-Kusoof – inshaAllah:

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