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Finalised list of Shura Council election candidates revealed


Qatar’s community now has their hands on the list of candidates to vote for when the Shura Council elections occur on October 2.

The finalised candidates for Qatar’s Shura Council elections have been announced, almost two weeks ahead of the historic vote.

284 candidates from 30 electoral districts were named on the list. To be eligible for nomination, candidates must be originally Qatari and aged 30 and above by the closing date of the nomination. They must also be fluent in reading and writing in Arabic.

If the first requirements were met, nominees then need to be registered in their electoral district. They must then continue to maintain a good reputation and conduct while keeping their criminal record clean.

Those who hold ministerial and military positions – state, judicial bodies, ministers of state, Central Municipal Council – cannot nominate themselves.

Candidates working at ministries or other government entities whose names are included in the final lists of candidates are given unpaid leave throughout the elections if they do not have a sufficient leave balance.

Below is the list of candidates running in Qatar’s first Shura Council elections. District 5 already has confirmed who will represent it.

District 1

  • Ibrahim Saleh Abdullah Khamis Al Khelaifi
  • Abdulrahman Yousef Abdelrahman Al Khelaifi

District 2

  • Ahmed Khalifa Sultan Mohammed Al Binali
  • Ahmed Hitmi Ahmed Al Hitmi
  • Hitmi Ali Khalifa Mubarak Al Hitmi

District 3

  • Ibrahim Saeed Ibrahim Al Malki
  • Ibrahim Yousef Ibrahim Badr Al Badr
  • Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al Hayi Al Sulaiti
  • Jassim Mohammed Yousef Ibrahim Al Badr
  • Hissa Abdullah Ahmed Al Sulaiti
  • Rashid Majid Khalifa Al Shahin Al Sulaiti
  • Ziyad Abdulrahman Hamad bin Hamood Al Sulaiti
  • Abdulaziz Ahmed Mohammed Al Faraheed Al Malki
  • Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Saad Al Nasf
  • Abdullah Hayi Mubarak Bughanim Al Sulaiti
  • Abdullah Ali Jumaa Al Sulaiti
  • Issa Saeed Abdullah Khamis Al Sulaiti
  • Majid Badr Ibrahim Badr Al Badr
  • Mubarak Abdullah Mohammed Saad Al Sulaiti
  • Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmed Al Malki
  • Mohammed Abdullah Hassan Bujasoom Al Badr
  • Maryam Abdullah Rashid Hamood Al Sulaiti
  • Moza Mohammed Jumaa Alfadala Al Sulaiti

District 4

  • Ahmed Hassan AlMalki Al Jahni
  • Issa Ahmed Issa Nasr Al Nasr
  • Mubarak Nasser Issa Nasr Al Nasr
  • Nasr Ali Haji AlMalki Al Jahni

District 5

  • Hassan Abdullah Ghanim AlGhanim Al Maadeed

District 6 

  • Khalid Ghanim Nasser Al Ali Al Maadeed
  • Ali Mohammed Ali Al Farhud Al Moadady
  • Issa Thani Issa Al Jetal Al Maadeed
  • Nasser Sultan Nasser Al Ali Al Maadeed

District 7

  • Jassim Ibrahim Mohammed Qasem Fakhroo
  • Hassan Ali Yousef Hassan Al Saie
  • Khalid Ahmed Nasser Ahmed Al Obaidan
  • Khalid Sultan Abdulrahman Darwish Al Darwish
  • Abdulrahman Ali Ahmed Naama Al Naama
  • Abdullah Yaqoub Abdullah Mohammed Al Haayi
  • Omar Abdulaziz Hamed Al Hamed Al Marwani
  • Issa Saleh Yousef Al Hor
  • Mohammed Jassim Nasser Al Maslamani
  • Maryam Kamal Mohammed Jassim Al Maslamani
  • Nasser Abdulatif Mohammed Al Maslamani
  • Hashim Abdulaziz Mohammed Abdulkarim Al Meer
  • Yousef Ahmed Abdulaziz Ahmed Al Baker
  • Yousef Khalil Ibrahim Ahmed Al Mahasneh
  • Yousef Mubarak Salem Al Adsani

District 8

  • Amal Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al Subaie
  • Khalifa Mohammed Ali Ghanim Al Suwaidi
  • Saeed Mohammed Hameed Al Suwaidi
  • Abdulrahman Mohammed Ali Al Sheiban Al Suwaidi
  • Abdullah Sultan Khalifa Al Sheiban Al Suwaidi
  • Ali Abdullah Ali Rashid Al Suwaidi
  • Nasser Salmin Khalid Al Suwaidi

District 9

  • Hamad Abdullah Abdulrahman Ali Al Mulla
  • Khalid Yousef Abdulrahman Al Mulla
  • Abdulrahman Jaber Jassim Al Suroor
  • Abelrahman Mohammed Abdelrahman Al Jefairi
  • Abdulrahman Mulla Zeinal Al Mulla 
  • Fatima Mohammed Jaber Sultan Al Jaber
  • Mohammed Hassan Ibrahim Al Mulla Al Jefairi
  • Mohammed Hassan Jaber Al Jaber
  • Mohammed Hamad Khamis AlKhamis Al Obaidli
  • Mansour Ali Assad Nasrallah Al Ansari

District 10

  • Jassim Abdullah Zeinal Abdullah Hussein 
  • Jassim Ali Mohammed Sharif Al Emadi
  • Khalid Abbas Ali Kamal Al Emadi
  • Khalid Abdullah Ismael Mohammednoor Al Emadi
  • Abdulaziz Ibrahim Ishaq Hussein Al Ishaq
  • Ali Abdulrahman Mohammed Rafee’ Al Emadi
  • Issa Hassan Mohammednour Ali Al Emadi
  • Mohammed Abdulhameed Mohammed Sa’eed Nasurallah
  • Mohammed Abdulkarim Mohammed Shakeri Al Emadi
  • Nasser Hassan Faraj Hashem Al Ansari

District 11

  • Almaha Jassim Mohammed Ibrahim Al Majed
  • Jassim Abdullah Abbas Al Khayyat
  • Hassan Abdullah Salman Al Sayegh
  • Hussain Ahmad Yousef Hilal Al Haddad
  • Hussain Gharib Ghaloum Abualfain
  • Hussain Yousef Hilal Al Haddad
  • Khalid Mohammed Shukri Hussein Al Mohsin
  • Ali Hassan Ahmed Al Khalf
  • Omar Hassam Mohammed Hassan Al Duhneim
  • Lulwa Ammar Hussain bin Abbas Al Khazaie
  • Nasser Mohsin Mohammed Buksheshe

District 12

  • Ibrahim Rashid Yousef Al Sharim
  • Ibrahim Maayouf Ali Bumanahi Al Rumeihi
  • Mohammed Jaber Mehna Al Khuwaitr Al Ajmi
  • Khalid Saad Mohammed Omar Al Rumeihi
  • Khalid Mohammed Abdulatif Yousef Al Mutawaa
  • Subaan Musmar Mubarak Abujaradeh Al Jassim
  • Saad Shaheen Mohammed Shaheen Al Rumeihi
  • Saoud Abdulrahman Mubarak AlJabara Al Rumeihi 
  • Aisha Humam Salem Mubarak Al Jassim
  • Abdullah Ghasin Abdullah Al Arjani 
  • Ali Hussein Jassim Al Buhdood
  • Issa Arar Issa Ali Al Rumeihi
  • Mohammed Sultan AlMas Salem Al Jassim
  • Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al Mutawaa
  • Naima Abdulwahab Mohammed Alsheikh Al Mutawaa

District 13 

  • Ibrahim Abdulrahman Abdulqader Al Mughaiseeb
  • Mohammed Turki Mojab Al Turki
  • Khalid Mubarak Abdulaziz Al Delaimi
  • Khalifa Abdullah Zaid Al Mahmoud
  • Abdullah Hussain Mohammed Saad Al Ajil
  • Abdullah Saad Abdulrahman Al Hamr
  • Mohammed Yousef Abdulrahman Al Manaa

District 14 

  • Saeed Yousef Issa Yousef Al Burshaid 
  • Abdullah Ahmed Ali Ahmed Al Ibrahim
  • Mohammed Muftah Abdulrahman Al Muftah

District 15 

  • Amna Bilal Masoud Taish Al Qubaisi
  • Jamal Ali Mohammed Mansour Al Boeinein
  • Jumaa Ali Jumaa Rumi Al Boeinein
  • Khalid Omran Mohammed Al Omran Al Qubaisi
  • Abdulrahman Abdullah Mohammed Sahel Al Sahel
  • Abdullah Abdulaziz Abdullah Al Khater
  • Mubarak Rashid Mubarak Bukhamas Al Boeinein
  • Mohammed Fahad Mohammed Ali Al Khater
  • Moudi Mubarak Nasser Mubarak Al Boeinein
  • Yousef Ali Yousef Al Khater

District 16

  • Breik Saeed Smeikh Breik Al Smeikh
  • Rashid Saeed Mohammed Al Omani Al Athba
  • Taleb Mohammed Talib Bin Aqeel Al Nabet
  • Abdullah Salem Mohammed Al Afifa Al Merri
  • Ali Hamad Ali Al Adham Al Merri
  • Ali Saeed Hamad Al Hol Al Merri
  • Ali Futais Al Merri
  • Ali Mohammed Ali Futais Al Merri
  • Mubarak Abdullah Rashid Mayouf Al Nabet
  • Mohammed Jaber Mohammed Al Athba Al Merri
  • Mohammed Jarallah Salem Abdullah Al Nabet
  • Nasser Faraj Hamad Nasser Dalmok
  • Nasser Mohammed Saeed Mohammed Al Ayda

District 17

  • Ibrahim Khamees Abdullah Al Ali
  • Ahmad Sultan Jawhar Faraj Al Abdullah
  • Hasanat Mubarak Salem Dham Al Abdullah
  • Hamad Grenes Saif Al Qahtani
  • Rashed Nasser Mubarak Al Khalifa
  • Salem Ajab Hadi Al Ajab Al Qahtani
  • Ateeq Khamees Ismail Saif Al Abdullah
  • Fatima Abdullah Salem Faraj Al Abdullah
  • Fawaz Mosaed Nader Suleiman Al Abdullah
  • Lina Nasser Omar Al Dafa
  • Mohammed Idris Faraj Al Abdullah
  • Mohammed Bati Salem Khalifa Al Abdullah
  • Mansour Mohammed Hussein Al Ameer Al Qahtani

District 18

  • Abdelaziz Mohammed Abdullah Al Attiyah
  • Ali Shbaib Nasser Al Attiyah
  • Fahad Mansour Aman Subah Al Ali

District 19

  • Amna Mubarak Jabir Abdullah Al Msalam
  • Jabir Mohammed Sultan Buhseen Al Msalam
  • Khaled Fahad Jassim Mubarak Al Mudahka
  • Saad Ahmed Abdel Mehsen Al Fayad Al Khaldi
  • Sultan Jabir Nasser Al Humaidi
  • Ali Ahmad Rashid Hamad Al Mudahka
  • Ali Jomaa Abdullah Al Mudahka
  • Ali Mohammed Abdelrahman Ali Al Mudahka
  • Ali Nasser Abdullah Al Hmeidi
  • Mohammed Abdel Mehsen Al Fayad Al Khaldi
  • Mohammed Fahad Mohammed Saif Al Msalam
  • Nasser Sultan Al Humaidi
  • Nasser Metref Essa Al Metref Al Humaidi
  • Yasser Saoud Yasser Al Msalam

District 20

  • Ibrahim Mohammed Saleh Bu Matar Al Muhannadi
  • Ahmad Ibrahim Ahmad Al Hassan Al Muhannadi
  • Ahmad Ahmad Ahmad Al Hassan Al Muhannadi
  • Amal Essa Ali Al Benali Al Muhannadi
  • Jassem Ahmad Mohammed Al Hail
  • Hassan Yousef Hassan Al Hail
  • Rashid Jassim Darwish Al Muraikhi Al Muhannadi
  • Saoud Abdelaziz Murshed Al Ibrahim Al Muhannadi
  • Shaheen Mohammed Lahdan Al Hassan Al Muhannadi
  • Saleh Hassan Mohammed Abdullah Al Haydous
  • Abdullah Ahmad Ibrahim Al Hail
  • Ali Mohammed Abdullah Al Hassan Al Muhannadi
  • Ghanem Ibrahim Ali Al Muraikhi Al Muhannadi
  • Ghanem Hassan Suleiman Hassan Al Hail
  • Layla Nasser Ibrahim Hassan Al Hail
  • Hamad Ahmad Mohammed Khalifa Al Muhannadi
  • Mohammed Hassan Saad Al Hassan Al Muhannadi
  • Mohammed Ali Khamees Al Hassan Al Muhannadi
  • Nasser Yousef Abdelrahman Ahmad Al Abd Al Jabbar
  • Helal Saad Helal Al Ibrahim Al Muhannadi
  • Hend Khamees Naseeb Al Misned Al Muhannadi

District 21

  • Khalifa Abdullah Ali Al Kaabi
  • Rashid Nasser Rashid Sryia Al Kaabi
  • Saeed Essa Saad Al Manaa Al Kaabi
  • Abdullah Mohammed Essa Al Fares Al Kaabi
  • Fahad Rashid Mohammed Al Ajlaan Al Kaabi
  • Mohammed Eid Saad Al Hassan Al Kaabi
  • Nasser Abdullah Saeed Al Aamer Al Kaabi
  • Yousef Mohammed Essa Al Ajlan Al Kaabi

District 22

  • Ahmad Erhma Ahmad Al Jham Al Kuwari
  • Ahmad Ali Saleh Al Bengheth Al Kuwari
  • Jabir Khalifa Nasser Twar Al Kuwari
  • Hamad Rashid Saadoun Al Jham Al Kuwari
  • Hamad Abdullah Ahmed Al Rbea Al Kuwari
  • Khaled Ahmad Khalfan Al Jham Al Kuwari
  • Khaled Hassan Saleh Bu Hadi Al Kuwari
  • Kholoud Sultan Rashid Sultan Al Kuwari
  • Khalifa Hassan Musbah Al Bakr Al Kuwari
  • Saad Saeed Ahmad Al Kuwari
  • Aisha Jassem Ali Al Jham Al Kuwari
  • Abdullah Ibrahim Mubarak Al Saeed
  • Owayda Salem Hamad Al Jham Al Kuwari
  • Fatima Ahmad Khalfan Al Jham Al Kuwari
  • Fahad Arhma Ahmad Al Jham Al Kuwari
  • Mubarak Mohammed Matar Al Matar Al Kuwari
  • Mohammed Arhma Ahmad Al Jham Al Kuwari
  • Muna Subah Saeed Ahmad Al Kuwari
  • Muneera Essa Mohammed Sultan Al Kuwari
  • Yousef Mohammed Yousef Al Rbea Al Kuwari

District 23

  • Ahmad Mubarak Yousef Al Mehaiza
  • Jamal Mohammed Nour Al Deen Al Sada
  • Hassan Essa Mohammed Hassan Al Fadalah
  • Khaled Essa Jassem Abd Al Mehaiza
  • Abdullah Ibrahim Essa Abdelqader Al Sada
  • Abdullah Tajer Mohammed Abdullah Al Sada
  • Mohammed Ibrahim Mohammed Al Fadalah
  • Mohammed Bader Abdullah Al Sada
  • Mohammed Abdullah Mohammed Shamsan Al Sada
  • Mohammed Essa Saleh Mubarak Al Mehaiza
  • Hashem Mohammed Abdullatif Ezaldin Al Sada
  • Yousef Ahmed Ali Al Sada

District 24

  • Saleh Abdullah Mohammed Al Ibrahim Al Mannai
  • Saleh Sultan Mubarak Sultan Al Mannai
  • Ali Ahmad Saleh Al Najm Al Mannai
  • Mohammed Omar Ahmad Al Salem Al Mannai
  • Nadia Hamad Abdulrahman Al Mannai
  • Nasser Jabir Nasser Al Hamad Al Mannai
  • Nasser Abdullah Mohammed Omar Al Mannai
  • Nawaf Rashid Najem Al Hamad Al Mannai

District 25

  • Ahmad Hussein Rashid Al Hussein Al Kubaisi
  • Ahmad Rashid Mohammed Maalai Al Kubaisi
  • Ahmad Ali Mohammed Qutami Al Kubaisi
  • Jassim Mohammed Ali Obaid Al Kubaisi
  • Ali Sulham Eid Al Kubaisi
  • Ali Mohammed Hussein Al Hussein Al Kubaisi
  • Ali Nasser Mohammed Al Aswad Al Kubaisi
  • Ghanem Ahmad Ali Al Kubaisi
  • Fatima Ghanem Mohammed Saad Al Kubaisi
  • Lahdan Khamees Abdullah Al Kubaisi
  • Nasser Hassan Al Nfeihi Al Kubaisi

District 26

  • Ibrahim Ahmad Rashid Al Nuaimi
  • Hassan Ali Ramzan Al Ramzani Al Nuaimi
  • Rashid Nasser Jabir Muhana Al Nuaimi
  • Fahad Hamad Fahad Al Ramzani Al Nuaimi
  • Mashael Hassan Jafal Al Nuaimi
  • Nasser Mohammed Nasser Al Jufaili Al Nuaimi

District 27

  • Khaled Hamad Fahad Al Zaben Al Dosari
  • Sultan Hassan Mubarak Al Dabet Al Dosari
  • Sheikha Matar Dabet Al Dosari
  • Mubarak Sultan Dabet Al Dabet Al Dosari

District 28

  • Ahmad Jassim Yousef Al Nasf Al Mansouri
  • Ahmad Rashed Abdullah Al Shouti Al Mansouri
  • Saad Bandar Nawar Al Otaibi
  • Saif Ahmad Mohammed Al Sharifi Al Amri
  • Essa Hamad Essa Al Nasf Al Mansouri
  • Fahad Saad Nasser Al Otaibi
  • Mubarak Saif Hamdan Maasad Al Mansouri
  • Mehsen Zayed Hassan Zayed Al Otaibi
  • Mohammed Qaran Syah Al Mansouri
  • Mohammed Mubarak Rashed Mohammed Al Amri
  • Mohammed Mubarak Sultan Ayash Al Mansouri
  • Mohammed Mubarak Ali Salem Al Mansouri

District 29

  • Saeed Mubarak Mohammed Al Motawa Al Khayareen
  • Talmees Hamad Talmees Saeed Al Hajri
  • Ali Saeed Rashed Al Khayareen
  • Ghanem Saeed Mohammed Al Faheed Al Hajri
  • Ghanem Abdullah Ghanem Al Saif Al Khayareen
  • Fahad Mubarak Rashed Al Hbab Al Hajri
  • Mehsen Fahad Mehsen Al Shahwani Al Hajri
  • Mohammed Saeed Mubarak Al Faheed Al Hajri
  • Mrait Abdulhadi Saeed Al Faheed Al Hajri
  • Nasser Abdullah Essa Al Send Al Hajri

District 30

  • Jaber Saad Ajyan Mohammed Al Hbaibi
  • Hamad Ali Mohammed Al Hbaibi
  • Salem Rashed Salem Rashed Al Muraikhi
  • Saeed Meshi Mohammed Meshi Al Ahbabi
  • Sultan Thaher Sultan Khalaf Al Muraikhi
  • Thafer Mohammed Abdulhadi Al Sofan Al Ahbabi
  • Abdullah Hamad Mohammed Ali Al Muraikhi
  • Abdulhadi Ali Khamees Hassan Al Sahli
  • Mohammed Moqled Ali Ibrahim Al Muraikhi

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