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First day of Eid Al Adha will be Sept. 12, Saudi Arabia declares


Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.

The new moon was not spotted tonight, which means the first day of Eid Al Adha will be Sept. 12, Saudi Arabia’s High Judiciary Council has said.

Saturday marks the first day of the Islamic month of Dhul-Hijjah, and Eid always starts on the 10th day of that month.

The holiday also coincides with Hajj, the pilgrimage to Makkah and other holy sites in Saudi Arabia that all Muslims should try to make at least once in their lives.

Eid follows the descent of the pilgrims from Mount Arafat, which is a hill in Makkah where Prophet Mohammed gave his final sermon.

Photo for illustrative purposes only.
Photo for illustrative purposes only.

Also during Eid Al Adha (festival of the sacrifice), Muslims traditionally slaughter an animal – usually a sheep, goat or cow – to mark a similar offering to God made by the Prophet Abraham.

In Qatar, this must be done at a licensed abattoir. The meat is then cooked and distributed to family, friends and those in need.

Holiday dates

Qatar’s government has yet to issue official holiday dates, but the public sector typically takes five working days off.

And many businesses, schools and services usually close for three days. Though this year, many schools are also postponing the start of the term until after Eid.

Emiri Diwan
Emiri Diwan

Starting on the first day of Eid, there will be a week of celebrations at malls and other venues around town, the Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) announced last month.

Under the theme “Capture Joy,” the festivities include stage shows, indoor parades and popular characters meeting and greeting families.

Other venues across town, such as The Pearl-Qatar, Katara and Aspire Zone often organize entertainment too.

Stay tuned for our Eid guide soon.

How are you planning to celebrate the holiday? Thoughts?

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