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Five apps to enhance your home workouts


Naturally, home workout apps saw a spike in usage when international lockdowns kicked in earlier this year. Around the world, people sought ways to maintain their fitness without compromising their safety, a trend that was quickly picked up by creators of home workout apps.

Though Qatar has eased off on its restrictions, concerns over catching the novel coronavirus remain for many, especially in closed-space gyms.

To assist you on your quest for fitness, we’ve tried and tested several apps over the past few months and are excited to share our top five home workout apps.

#1 – Seven – 7 Minute Workout

If you’re looking for an introduction to home workouts you should check out the seven-minute workout. Ideal for the ‘busy bods’ this is a short exercise routine that only requires a very short amount of time from you.

To get started, try using it once a day when you first wake up to help build a routine. Over time, you may find yourself doing the workout two or three times a day.

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The seven-minute workout is great because it requires little commitment and no equipment. A quick search on the App Store will show many apps that have adopted this workout routine.

You can download it for free on your iPhone or Android phone.

#2 – Nike Training Club

Nike has a free app for those looking for a more robust workout plan. Nike Training Club features almost 200 workouts that you can do from your home. Workouts are accompanied with video guides that automatically switch as you move from one exercise to another. The app even has an Apple Watch companion app that tracks your calories and shows you how much time is left on each exercise.

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The workouts on Nike Training Club range from beginner to experienced, with many requiring no equipment.

What we love most about Nike Training Club is how the variety of workouts available combined with the tailored plans lead to a unique workout experience that can help you stay motivated to exercise. You can download Nike Training Club for free on your iPhone or Android phone.

#3 – 30 Day Fitness

The biggest reason people quit exercising is due to lack of motivation. This often happens because results are not seen as quickly as we expect. 30 Day Fitness takes you up on that challenge. The app challenges you to believe that you’ll see progress after a month of working out, and all you have to do is show up.

The concept behind the app is great as it gives people a date to look forward to and work towards. Similar to Nike Training Club, the exercises also feature video guides.

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30 Day Fitness is available to download for free but it requires you to start a subscription up-front. You can try it out free for seven days; followed by a payment of $5/month. If you’re looking to invest in your fitness, this app is great for it.

You can get started by downloading 30 Day Fitness on your iPhone or Android phone.

#4 – 22 Pushups

This is an interesting one. If you’re looking to grow your upper body with pushups, 22 Pushups is a great app for you to try out.

To get started, place your iPhone on the floor beneath your chest. The app then automatically counts your pushups using your camera and microphone. It’s a truly great experience seeing the app react to your movements. You can view your workout video when you’re done exercising and even share it to social media (if you really really want to).

22 Pushups is available to download on the App Store for free. Optional in-app purchases allow you to unlock different training voices. These include replica voices of Arnold Schwarzenegger, David Attenborough, and even Donald Trump!

#5 – CARROT Fit

We decided to leave this one for the end…

CARROT Fit reimagines the seven-minute workout with its 7 Minutes in Hell workout! The actual exercises are the same as those in the regular seven-minute workout, the twist is in the audio guidance.

Instead of giving you a generic countdown or motivational pushes, CARROT Fit uses sarcasm and creativity to encourage you to complete the workout. The sadistic sense of humour in CARROT Fit is not made for everyone, but it is a favourite app because of it. Watch the app’s trailer to know what I mean.

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If you want to do your workouts with a comedic twist then CARROT Fit is definitely for you. The app is available on the App Store for $4.99.

These are just five of our favourite apps to help you stay fit at home. What apps do you like to use to stay fit?

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