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Five mental health apps to help clear your mind


Better mindset, better heart: start your mental health journey with these 5 amazing apps. 

With more restrictions and a worrying number of Covid-19 cases on the rise, life can be stressful for many. However, some apps have proven to be effective in regulating emotions and helping users relax – especially those who may be unwilling or unable to attend face-to-face therapy. 

The apps, designed to be accessible and easy to navigate, aim to teach people therapeutic coping mechanisms. Such technology introduces various types of therapy like cognitive behavioural therapy [CBT], dialectical behaviour therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, and many more. While some focus on specific disorders, others can be used to help you navigate your stress and worries better. 

To help you explore new methods of self-care, Doha News has put together list of mental health apps that you can try out today.

1- TalkLife: Depression & Anxiety

If you want a safe space to talk freely about depression or anxiety without any stigmas attached, then TalkLife is definitely the app for you. The programme connects you to a supportive community – similar to group therapy – in which you’re able to discuss your own emotions while also listening to others in need of assistance.

The best part? The app has an anonymous sharing option so you can stay as private as you want. 

How technology can help the youth with their mental health

2- MoodMission

Do you find yourself looking for healthy and helpful distractions or tasks throughout your day? MoodMission can provide you with your own “little adventure” of tasks to help ease your stress or anxiety. The application asks you a set of questions about your mood and then presents you with a special list of five “missions” to choose from in the moment. 

The app learns more about your personality the more you use it, meaning results and lists get better each time. 

3- Talkspace Therapy & Counselling 

Popular app Talkspace connects users with a licensed mental health professional to make therapy easier and accessible from the comfort of your own home. 

Therapists on the app have over 3,000 hours of clinical experience and have been carefully trained to provide online therapy. Each therapist has specific training in areas such as cognitive behavioural therapy, existential-humanistic approaches, dialectical behavioural therapy, psychodynamic, and mindfulness.

However, the sessions are not free. Users are required to pay $65 to get unlimited messaging therapy, which includes text, video, and audio messages to your therapist.

For unlimited messaging plus one live session a month, users must pay $260 per month. A one-week free trial is also an option. 

4- MindShift CBT

MindShift is a great application that can teach you several treatments to help you better identify and change destructive or disturbing thought patterns that may have a negative influence on your behaviour and emotions.

It does this through various experiments to help you challenge anxious thoughts and tackle negative thought patterns. The app also has tools for setting goals and forming habits, and the best part is it also includes some amazing exercises for battling perfectionism. Oh, and it’s free.

5- Happyfeed

If you’re among those who love to write to better manage your emotions, then Happyfeed is perfect for you. For just $3 a month, you can write what you’re grateful for, all your thoughts, and also upload pictures and memories to go with it.

Gratitude journaling is highly recommended by therapists as a way to better your mental well-being. Extra happy feature: when you’re feeling down, you can shake your phone to access your “Happiness Jar” and you’ll be given a random day from the past to cheer you up.

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