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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Five reasons why the 2022 World Cup in Qatar could be a ‘huge success’


In a refreshing change of pace, a media outlet has taken an optimistic look at Qatar’s 2022 World Cup, listing five reasons why football-loving fans should look forward to the event.

For the Bleacher Report, columnist Brian Canever writes:

I will not be a sore loser… Instead, I think it is important to look on the bright side.

Not taking into account the searing heat, alcohol bans, dearth of quality stadiums and lack of any major international competitor in the Middle East (especially the underwhelming host nation), the Qatar tournament might actually be worth it.

Here’s why:

  • It will compel cultural change and spur progress in a “high-risk” region. Indeed, when pressed by an international labor union, the country has already promised to improve the dismal conditions of migrant laborers here. It’ll be interesting to see what other effects the global spotlight will have.
  • Gives a chance for non-European football teams to shine. Because the games will be held in a region unfamiliar to most sports teams, everyone will be on a more level playing field.
  • Shorter travel times for players thanks to Qatar’s small size, which leads to faster recovery and possibly a better performance.
  • The utilization of Qatar’s deep pockets to develop technology to counter the unbearable summer heat, including building air-cooled stadiums, fan zones and training sites.
  • Motivation to develop the game in Qatar and regionally. As the lowest-ranked nation to ever host a World Cup, young men here and abroad are likely preparing with “great intensity” to participate in the games.

What would you add?

Credit: Photo courtesy of Qatar 2022’s Facebook page


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6 years ago

1: It will not create cultural harmony, because Qatar seeks to enforce it`s culture on the guests.
2: The Qatar team is so bad it will blockade a spot more deserving of an actualy good Asian team.
3: And also goes to show how little Qatar actualy has to offer.
4: Which has been shown to be to expensive and fantasy, which is why the turnament will be moved to winter.
5: Qatar has so far mainly hired sports mercenaries rather than developing it`s own game and is selling the inferstructure after 2022


Tell us why the leagues should be disrupted.
Tell us why you the world should play despite modern day slavery
Tell us why wahabi intolerance should dictate who and how we are allowed to celebrate
Tell us why you kept your bid despite the revailed corruption
Tell us why we should play against a Qatari team consisting of mercenaries.
Tell us why the most diverse and shared human expirience on the world should take place in one of the most intolerant countries in the world.

Because all you people have so far done is bunker yourself down and talk to yourself, rather than facing even a single critic.

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