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Four tips to keep your home safe during Qatar’s fire-prone summers



Tis the season for fires in Qatar.

For the past several years, the nation has seen far more blazes, like Friday’s warehouse fire, in the hot summer months than at other times of the year, according to Qatar Statistic Authority figures.

In a new Facebook post, the Ministry of Interior attributed the increase to skyrocketing electricity consumption, saying:

(An) overdependence on electricity in the face of rising air temperature… lead to fires not only at homes but also at factories, stores and other properties such as cars, air-conditions and electric tools.

The are several reasons for these fires including: negligence, lack of knowledge about preventive measures, especially in the summer, when some people run air conditioners at full speed and for very long periods and in all parts of the house and at one time, leading to increased of load.

To ensure your home remains safe, it offers these tips:

  • Don’t overload an electrical socket by plugging in too many devices at once, or by plugging in high-voltage devices without the use of good electrical connectors.
  • Before going to bed, turn off air conditioners in parts of your home that you are not using. Unplug video game consoles and other non-essential electrical appliances.
  • Do not leave exhaust fans running continuously because it raises the temperature of the wires and can contribute to a fire.
  • Before going on vacation, turn off all non-essential electrical appliances, close all gas cylinders tightly and store them away from direct sunlight.

What advice would you add? Thoughts?

Credit: Photo by Muhammad Kamran Qureshi

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