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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Gallup: Vast majority of Arabs in Qatar upbeat about their lives



And the poll wars continue. 

Following last week’s Happy Planet Index sinking Qatar’s satisfaction levels, Gallup has issued a new report saying that people here are rather optimistic about their lives.

The big caveat, according to the poll’s fine print, is that no non-Arab expats were interviewed for the survey, which measured positive emotions in 148 countries and areas in 2011 using five questions. 

“It is estimated that more than half of the adult population is excluded,” the report states with regards to Qatar and the UAE.


Between February and May of last year, Gallup surveyed more than 2,000 Qataris and Arab expats via landline and mobile phone in Arabic.

Some 74 percent responded positively when asked, among other things, whether they experienced joy in their days, smiled and laughed, felt well-rested and were treated with respect.

The results are comparable with global averages of satisfaction, the organization reports:

Gallup found that 85% of adults worldwide felt treated with respect all day, 72% smiled and laughed a lot, 73% felt enjoyment a lot of the day, and 72% felt well-rested. The only emotion that less than half of people worldwide reported experiencing was getting to learn or do something interesting the previous day, at 43%. Despite many global challenges, people worldwide are experiencing many positive emotions.

Latin Americans were deemed the most positive people in the world, while Iraqis and Yemenis polled were among the least likely to report feelings happy emotions.


Credit: Photo by Armando Torrealba

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