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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Gear up! Mal Lawal exhibition showcases Qatar’s most unique vintage cars


The exhibition showcases the private collections of Salem Saeed Al Mohannadi and Omar Hussain Alfardan.

The classic cars edition of the Mal Lawal 3 exhibition kicked off on December 17th, showcasing beautiful vintage vehicles from two local car collectors. 

Mal Lawal exhibition, meaning ‘from the old days’, brings together private collectors from Qatar to showcase their collectibles, celebrating unique collections and displaying them to car fanatics to enjoy. It is held in the heart of the National Museum of Qatar. 

“Mal Lawal has evolved into a platform that transcends museum walls to record local heritage, enhance collecting practices and promote local collectors and their knowledge among the wider community,” said Ahmad Musa Al Namla, CEO of Qatar Museums. 

“Ahead of Mal Lawal 3, Qatar Museums is delighted to present a car exhibition showcasing two of Qatar’s most prominent collectors. This collection provides fascinating insights into the country’s evolving history and passion for cars.”

This year’s ‘Mal Lawal 3 Cars’ presents private collections of two famous local collectors, Salem Saeed Al Mohannadi and Omar Hussain Alfardan. 

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“This year’s launch of the Classic Car programme, with its extensive focus on history, underlines the evolution of car collectors in the region. Qatar has always been a breeding ground for great ideas carried out by courageous people who have invested in their intuition and passion,” said Alfardan.

“I hope that what we have built will inspire generations to come, and this exhibition allows us to do so.”

The cars will be on display until August 1st, 2021, with the collection changing every three months. 

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Car collecting is a unique passion that is shared by many people in Qatar and can be traced back to the mid-1950s when the first car shipments arrived in the country. 

Many people saw cars as more than a way of transportation, but rather an art that needs to be collected. Some used to collect cars to even document and preserve important moments in the nation’s social history.

When collecting, I always consider the vehicles’ relevance in documenting the history of transportation in Qatar. I always try to know the story behind each car and all the previous owners and their uses for the vehicles,” participating collector Al Mohannadi said. 

“When it comes to the Gulf and Arab world, or prominent figures in society, particularly those dating back to the beginning of the last century, I always keep the cars in their original condition without any changes to the body or colour.”

“Mal Lawal’ was essentially launched in 2012 and allowed many local and regional collectors to showcase their art and stories to the public. 

This year, it brings a vintage and unique collection of vehicles from top collectors in the country. 

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