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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Growing up in Qatar – tweeters take a trip down memory lane


Bidda (Rumailah) Park (now closed)
Bidda (Rumailah) Park (now closed)

People who grew up in Qatar have been taking a nostalgic look at their childhoods by sharing memories of Aladdin Kingdom, old games and favorite snacks.

The Twitter hashtag #GrowingUpInQatar has been gaining momentum this morning.

Like adults anywhere, many reminisced about how much simpler and more affordable things used to be back in the good old days:



Translation: I used to torture people with rent (in Monopoly).


Translation: The good old days: Who remembers the smell of rust on their hands from the metal on the seats (on old school buses)?

Changing times

But many memories stand to show how different a place Qatar is now. For example, some tweeples recalled hanging out at Aladdin Kingdom, an entertainment park that was closed years ago.

In its place now stands Katara Cultural Village.


Al Bidda (Rumailah) Park was also very popular, and has since been shut for renovations:

The Caravan complex has also seen better days, after catching fire in April:

And there’s no more Taco Bell:

Finally, technology also has made its mark in Qatar, just like almost everywhere else:

That said, not everything has changed. For one, the summers were still sweltering:


And junk food is still plentiful:

Translation: By God, the best ring I ever wore.

And this guy, or at least someone like him, can still be seen around town sometimes:

For at least one resident, taking this trip down memory lane was a nice distraction from worrying about what the future will bring:

What do you recall about your childhood in Qatar? Thoughts?

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