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Guest post: Al Million’s new maroon-roofed Karwas to hit the streets next month


More taxis are set to hit the streets of Qatar next month, Karwa’s first franchise partner Al Million Services and Contracting Company has said.

Doha News contributor Ramy Khalaf interviewed Al Million to find out how their taxis will be different than what’s already on the road.

By Ramy Khalaf

Al Million expects to introduce some 300 new taxis in Qatar next month, which will still be aqua-colored and have Karwa’s logo, but also sport maroon roofs.

The taxis, which were first expected to become available in April, will charge the same rates as Karwa but have its own call center and other facilities.

To differentiate themselves from traditional Karwas, Al Million told Doha News that it plans to provide a better customer experience by outfitting its taxis with state-of-the-art equipment, including GPS/GPRS and receipt printers.

An official also told us that when dispatched for bookings made in advance, drivers will actually know where they’re going.

That would be a welcome change for many residents who say there has a been a marked decline in the quality of Karwa’s service over the past few months.

Al Million will be joined by two other private companies in 2013. All have been awarded five-year contracts to operate up to 500 taxis each in Qatar, as part of what state-owned Mowasalat said is a bid to introduce competition into the transportation sector.

So, who’s got high hopes?

Credit: Photo courtesy of Al Million

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