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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Guest post: Rules for driving in Qatar



Blogger Gabby has shared a helpful, if irreverent, list of tips on navigating Qatar’s crazy streets, courtesy of a post floating around Facebook. 

Our favorites:

  • Under no circumstance should you leave a safe distance between you and the car in front of you, this space will be filled by at least 1 taxi, a bus and sizable lorry, putting you in an even more dangerous situation.
  • Never, ever come to a complete stop at a stop sign. No one expects it and it will only result in you being rear-ended.
  • It is traditional to honk your horn at cars that don’t move the instant the light turns green. This prevents Herons from building nests on top of the traffic light and birds from making deposits on your car.
  •  On average, at least three cars can still go through an intersection after the light has turned red. It’s people not adhering to this basic principle that cause the big traffic jams during rush hour.

Unfortunately, she’s taken down the full list, but feel free to add your own advice!

UPDATE: A commenter has posted the full list, so see below to read it.


Credit: Photo by Irish Typepad

Note: This post has been corrected to reflect that the list was not created by the blogger in question.

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