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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

HMC surgeons reattach worker’s severed hand after onsite accident



A 29-year-old Nepali man who lost his hand while operating heavy machinery has had it successfully reattached by a surgical team at Rumailah Hospital.

The man, whose name has not been released, was operating a block pressure machine when his hand was severed at the wrist. It is unclear how and why the machine’s safety features did not prevent the accident.

Reattaching the hand took a 12-hour procedure that involved using microsurgery techniques to replant tiny blood vessels and nerves in the appendage.

The man is expected to regain motor control and sensation in his hand after physical and occupational therapy, HMC said in a statement.

The surgery is the second of its kind to be performed in Qatar. 

“Reattachment of an amputated hand is a rare surgery that needs specialized expertise, advanced technology, and great patience,” said surgical lead Dr. Mohamed Murshid Al Delaimi, Senior Consultant, Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery.

On-site injuries are common in Qatar’s construction industry, with HMC treating some 1,000 patients for falls from heights alone last year. Health officials in Qatar say the numbers will only go down if companies are taken to task for their safety standards.

In recent months, human rights groups and other international bodies have also been stepping up pressure on Qatar to shore up workers’ safety.


Credit: Photo courtesy of HMC

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