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How Qatar Career Development Center prepares students for the working world


Qatar Career Development Center strives to be the nation’s beacon for career guidance.

Career planning is a pivotal step to ensure the future of eager students and is considered the first move towards becoming a professional by solidifying a position in the working world. 

Parents, career and academic advisors are always looking for new programmes, tools and solutions to deliver the best guidance for students on their future career paths – chief of which is Qatar Career Development Center’s Career Advising System (CAS).

After years of studying, students may find themselves embarking into the professional world slightly confused and unaware of which avenue to take. While it may seem intimidating to step into new and unfamiliar territory, fear not. 

QCDC’s Career Advising System (CAS) is an online career planning system that can be Utilized from the comfort of your home, providing an easy-to-use and essential tool for students as well as parents and advisers alike.

CAS was developed in collaboration with Kuder Inc, a world leader in career planning services, and customized to fulfil the needs of the Qatari society and meet all the requirements of its users. It allows parents to guide and direct their children through better understanding their personalities, work ethics and values, allowing them to take part in the student’s career advising process.

This is carried out through the nifty use of the e-portfolio system, which includes all information required for users. Fortunately, CAS offers a very personalised experience that is tailored to each user.

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The system offers psychometric and personality assessment and insights into the local academic and career paths. It also prepares students to enter the labor market before graduating and starting the job search process and trains them on how to search for the right profession, how to conduct an interview and other activities that can help them reach their desired career path.

Following these assessments, students will have access to a free virtual career advising session with a career expert to discuss the results and eventually help them make sound career decisions in line with their interests, skills, abilities, and future labor market needs in Qatar.

This system is the most comprehensive and extensive career planning solution in Qatar and the region as it contains all the components of sound career planning any student is looking for.

The tool has been around for years and has helped thousands of students kickstart their careers across a range of fields and sectors.

In short, CAS helps in bridging the gap between the education system and the local labor market and helps students make well-thought and sound academic and professional decisions that align with their interests, skills, abilities, and the future labor market’s needs in Qatar.

For parents and career advisers, the system provides tools and solutions to deliver the best guidance and advice to make a daunting decision a little less scary. So, stay connected with them through their website and social media platforms to learn about all the upcoming opportunities. To purchase a CAS license, download the Education City App and register through it.

For any inquiries about the system, call QCDC on 33006673.

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