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How Qatar residents can help civilians trapped in Aleppo


By Victoria Scott

Qatar Red Crescent bringing aid to Aleppo earlier this year. Credit: QRCS

On the heels of the Emir canceling Qatar National Day celebrations out of solidarity with people in Aleppo, many are asking how they can help Syrians in need.

One easy way in Qatar is to eat at restaurants in Katara Cultural Village and the Aspire Zone over the next three days.

This includes places like Mamig, Khan Farouk and Ard Canaan at Katara; and Sugar and Spice, Burgeri and Salad Boutique at Aspire.

All income generated on Dec. 15, 16, 17 from these restaurants will go toward helping Aleppo, the general manager of Katara has pledged.

Charitable giving

Additionally, many Qatar-based charities are still working in Syria and have been seeking financial donations to provide humanitarian aid there.

They include the Sheikh Thani Bin Abdullah Foundation for Humanitarian Services (RAF), Qatar Charity, Eid Charity and Qatar Red Crescent.

Together with 20 other humanitarian organizations working in Syria, they released a hard-hitting statement yesterday.

In it, they call on the UN to “fulfill its humanitarian obligations” by intervening to prevent “massacres and crimes against humanity” in the country.

Charity appeals

All four of the Qatar charities are running appeals designed to help people in Aleppo, as well as those spending the winter under canvas in refugee camps.

Here’s what they’re doing, and how you can donate:

Qatar Charity

The charity’s #Syriacoldandhunger campaign aims to feed, clothe and equip families to help them survive the winter.

Donations will go toward tents, caravans, winter clothing, blankets, baskets and family hygiene items, ingredients to run bakeries and kitchens, medical equipment, medical tool kits, ambulances and medicines.

A donation of QR200 will pay for a “food basket” and includes basic supplies that will last a family for a month. Meanwhile a hygiene kit for a family containing bathing soap, washing powder, toothpaste and toothbrushes and costs QR150.

You can either donate online or via SMS by sending the word “Syria” to 92632 to donate QR50, to 92642 to donate QR100, to 92428 to donate QR500 or to 92429 to donate QR1,000.

You can also phone the campaign hotline 44667711.

Raf Foundation

RAF’s campaign “The Winter of Mercy: Let’s Grow Warmth in Their Hearts” is aimed at collecting QR19 million in donations to provide basic necessities to 120,000 families in Syria and Iraq.

Food baskets, winter bags, caravan shelters and medicines will be donated to those who are displaced, and to refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.

Raf foundation campaign video (Arabic):


Donations can be made online, or by sending the text message “2” to 92648 to donate QR50 to Syrian refugees.

Contributors may also call RAF’s hotline at 55341818.

Eid Charity

This NGO is running a “Before the Cold Gets Them” campaign to help around 300,000 people in Syria and Iraq.

The charity plans to donate QR20 million to Aleppo and other provinces in Syria, and QR15 million to help those in Mosul and other affected areas in Iraq.

Some of the donations will go toward caravan shelters, food baskets, warm meals, children’s milk, tents and tent renovations.

Winter bags will also be given to adults (QR250 per person) and children (QR200). These will include: a pair of pants, coat, wool clothes, gloves, earmuffs, hat, socks, shoes and a shawl.

Donations can be made online, or you can call 40405555.

Qatar Red Crescent

During its “Warm Winter” campaign, QRCS is aiming to provide aid to 206,000 people with a total budget of QR10 million.

The campaign aims to help people in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan and displaced refugees in Lebanon and Jordan.

However, the QRC is now appealing on Twitter for donations to tackle the immediate needs of people fleeing Aleppo:

The money raised will cover main necessities such as warm winter clothing, blankets, electric heaters, fuel and covers, as well as medical supplies and emergency vehicles.

You can donate online, by calling +16002, or by sending an SMS to 92766 to donate QR100, 92770 to donate QR500 or 92740 to donate QR1000.

Other international organizations

You can also help by donating to Syria Civil Defense (aka the White Helmets) here, and Medicins Sans Frontieres, which is supporting medical clinics in Aleppo, here.

This article also has some good suggestions of further charities abroad that would welcome your help.

Does anyone else have suggestions on how to help? Thoughts?

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